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With our hand in hand, we experience beatitude

In the arms of nature, amidst the essence of the living world!


Luxury and nature have always been on the two different sides of the coin. But Glamping is one such thing where you can experience untamed nature without foregoing your comfort.

Glamping at Saraii Village, Weerawila, Yala was one such experience where we could immerse ourselves in the state of bliss while staying connected to nature’s roots. An enchanting tree house escape in Saraii Village allowed us to witness first-hand the captivating beauty that Sri Lanka has to offer.

We had completely surrendered ourselves to this unique accommodation space where birdsong as the earworm, interesting activities are your time-pass and caressing winds, your most preferred air-conditioner.


We came across Glamping Hub while looking for accommodation options near Udawalawe National Park online.

Glamping Hub has numerous campsites across the globe. It provides premium glamping experiences in France, Spain and Sri Lanka. Their camping accommodations include yurts, cabins, safari tents and tree houses. Each campsite in Glamping Hub is very carefully curated that gives you a magical feeling.

Bingo!! We consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled upon Glamping Hub and they were prompt enough to book our stay at Saraii Village in a tree house. Tempted enough? Reserve your treehouse stay NOW!

Glamping Hub

Make booking a treehouse easy with Glamping Hub


After an amazing glamping experience at Lebua Lodge in Jaipur, we were waiting for another glamping opportunity to knock at our doors and when we found one, we just grabbed it instantly.

We went glamping in the Saraii Village Weerawila – a gorgeous retreat tucked away from all the hustle-bustle of city life.

It was quite a drive to Saraii from Galle as we did not take the expressway route. In fact anyone planning to drive down to Saraii Village should do the same. The drive is scenic and totally worth it!!

But be well prepared in advance for there are no upmarket hotels or restaurants on the way to Hambantota, Weerwila. In fact, there are small picnic spots where you can sit, relax and enjoy a delightful meal while watching the sunset gloriously.

You would be surprised by the remoteness of this hinterland which takes you away from a life that is busy and chaotic. I  remember – driving in Yala was the easiest in the whole of Sri Lanka as there weren’t many people in sight, forget vehicles. We only remember an array of curd shops on the way, especially as we moved closer to Saraii Village in Weerawila.

How to reach Saraii village srilanka

The route we took to reach Saraii Village in Sri Lanka



The most impressive thing about the Saraii Village is their insistence on environment-friendly measures despite of all the top-notch facilities. We connected well with the manager at Saraii, Mr. Ossie, who emphasized the need of sustainable tourism and what makes Saraii a discerning eco hotel in Sri Lanka.

The manager, the service-providers, and the locals – everyone realizes the catastrophic conclusion of playing with nature. So, they judiciously use their resources, avoid wastage and do not use plastic material at all, not even in straws (the straws there are made of aluminum). They use fuel efficient travel options, make minimal use of chemicals and do not distort the nature and its habitat.

Being a responsible traveler there was a lot to learn. It made us more aware of our actions and made us realize the significance of sustainability. The best thing we learnt there was, ‘to experience good things, we need to take care of the good things!’

srilankan treehouse

Our NEST – treehouse in Srilanka


We definitely love luxury accommodations but we even have an inclination for those cutesy little huts, cozy tree canopies, bohemian tipis, and personal cabins. But we ensure that these places are well-equipped with basic facilities like Wi-Fi, electricity, hot showers, super-comfy beds.

And the one in Saraii Village had all the things available in the wilderness. Be it a high-speed Wi-Fi connection or power sockets, be it relaxing by the pool-side or going for a small hike, everything was within an easy reach.

We got a chance to choose between staying in a tree house in Saraii or a mud chalet suite. Though for the bath/toilet facility, we had to come down from the tree house, we still opted for the same. We went for a tour of the Mud Chalet suite as well but tree house definitely was our calling.

Enjoying in treehouse

Airy and breezy – every second spent here was priceless

serious glamping

Climbing upstairs demanded some vigilance


The tree house was quite big. There was a king sized bed with a super comfortable mattress, pillows and a mosquito net. The tree house gave us the opportunity to enjoy bespoke views of the sparkling sky and enough private space to live in solace & feel the fresh air in our blood. The night-sky was so spectacular and so clear, unlike the big-cities that are usually full of noise and pollution.

Living in the tree house in Saraii has to be an unforgettable experience for us because we got a first-hand account of how birds live inside their nests. The feeling of waking up to the melodic sounds of the birds is just so inexplicable.

eco concept Saraii Village Weerawila srilanka

Climbing upstairs demanded some vigilance

Saraii Village has been built on an eco concept – best for responsible travelers


Rendezvous with colorful birds is the topmost thing to do in Saraii Village. There are beautiful bird species everywhere – on the trees, in the tree house, in the pond, and possibly everywhere. Play with them, photograph them and have fun birding!

Besides that, there are a variety of interesting activities to do such as cycling tour, pottery, curd-making, Palmyrah weaving, and sightseeing. Visitors can also indulge in yoga treats and self-pampering sessions. Sadly, during our visit the expert Russian Yoga trainer was not available for the classes but the staff members spoke highly of her skills. Checkout our vlog here:


One fine evening, we simply decided to pick the bicycles from reception and head to the lake that was 800 m away from Saraii. And what an experience it was! The gorgeous countryside coupled by incredible weather and immense greenery on all four sides lulled our senses into dreamy repose only to be awakened by an even beautiful lakeview. I never realized until then that such experiences occur outside of storybooks as well.

We saw a local little rancher merrily playing with his dog, and on seeing us, that cute furry creature ran towards us speedily. Even he was happy to see a new visitor in a village which was sparsely populated. I’d like to close this blog on that cute memory…

Saraii Village dusk

Area surrounding Saraii Village Sri Lanka

Saraii Village Weerawila

Cycling our way to the lake

Saraii Village Weerawila Sri lanka

Friends in Saraii Village Sri Lanka

Will you consider living in a tree house in Sri Lanka? If yes, then there cannot be a better option than Saraii Village Weerawila. Take our word.



  1. Sophia Grace says:

    I just hear so many times about Treehouse & almost couples shared their personal views about Treehouse that it’s always a great experience & this time I also found a great review about Treehouse in Sri Lanka, Which is a great sound.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  2. We watch a show on tv where they build people treehouses, and it’s always amazing. I think I’ll never have one. So I love that you can actually stay in one there!

  3. Joan Cajic says:

    This looks such a fun place to stay in but I already know that I would probably fall off the ladder and be freaked out by being on a tree lol.

  4. Chittra M says:

    oh thank you so much for introducing to the glamping hub. this seems really a nice option! i looked through the stay options and destinations. definitely gonna try something..

  5. Amber says:

    Oh wow, I would love to stay here. It would be such a unique visit. What cool photos!

  6. Megan says:

    It’s amazing what treehouse have turned into since I was a kid. I bet it would be amazing being so high up in the trees relaxing!

  7. I have to say that glamping definitely looks more fun than camping and how amazing that you can still be part of the outdoors! The tree house was stunning and it is great that you were able to cycle to teh lake as well x

  8. umiko says:

    I have always wanted to stay in a tree house. Well, there’s one at our backyard but of course I want one similar to your experienced at Saraii Village. Haha!

  9. Claudia Krusch says:

    This looks so amazing. I would love to stay in a treehouse at Saraii Village Weerawila. It would be so relaxing to be in nature like that. This has made it onto my dream destination list.

  10. Jen Walker says:

    I’ve seen the terminology “glamping” before but never really thought it was an actual thing. I have no plans for the time being to visit the area, but if it ever happens, I would LOVE to stay in a tree house! How cool!

  11. Soonjoo says:

    The tree house is really cool and I love that is environmental friendly even straws very detailed oriented!

  12. Helen says:

    The pictures are amazing! And the place is beautiful. I would love to visit Sri Lanka one day.

  13. Ruth Bloch says:

    That looks so flippin amazing!!!! We were in Sri Lanka earlier this year, and LOVED IT! When we go back, I’m definitely booking this place as part of the trip!

  14. What an amazing place to stay! That is just the kind of treehouse I’d want to stay in too.

  15. Brandi says:

    Glamping sounds like it would be so fun! I haven’t done it. I would also love to visit Sri Lanka!

  16. corinne & kirsty says:

    This looks absolutely fantastic! I would love to stay in a tree house and go to sri lanka!

  17. It is a part of the world we have never visited but we’d like to explore it as soon as possible! You have motivated us also because lots of people we know are exploring Sri Lanka.

  18. Erin Sluka says:

    No way! How fu is that in a tree house in beautiful country like that. I would love to find that spot one day

  19. lisa says:

    This tree house looks perfect for me! I am planning a trip to Sri Lanka hopefully next year and this accommodation looks perfect. Including the map was a great idea, thank you for saving me the trouble I have saved this post!

  20. This looks like a fabulous place to visit. Love the tree house would love to climb up in one and stay in one.

  21. hey sharonoox says:

    My hubs is not a fan of heights so that treehouse is out but I really love all the amazing photos you captured. Lovely scenery! I’d love to visit this place someday

  22. Silvana says:

    I had the opportunity to visit a tree house in Toscana Italy some years ago. It was beautiful and the tree very high allowed to see gorgeous landscapes all around. But I thought it was a crazy idea to rent it to tourists. But, now, reading your article, I see that’s not crazy at all! It’s very charming and attractive. The dream that we had from childhood. A nest in a tree

  23. Kellyn says:

    This seemed like such a cool experience. Would definitely try for sure. Sri Lanka is at the top of my bucket list, I’ve wanted to head there for a yoga retreat for some time, now I have another reason.

  24. Christina says:

    Great photos! They really captured how nice it is. The bike ride sounds very nice. I think it would be wonderful as you described to wake up to the sounds of the birds near you in there nests while you are in a “nest”.

  25. Glamping is fun as it keeps you closer to nature but at the same time doesn’t sacrifice comfort. This one you stayed at in Sri Lanka is a perfect example of a top-notch glamping accommodation.

  26. Wow! This place seems like a dream, Prerna and Harsh! Spending a night in a treehouse would be a childhood dream come true. I’m starting to love glamping. 😀

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