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Catching a breathtaking sunset from any part of the world is something that we both love a lot.

There’s something so romantic utterly calming about the sunsets, that witnessing one slows down your perception of time. They make you believe languid days are simply the best.

So our very first stop after we landed in Port Blair, and with just half a day left in hand, was perhaps Chidiya Tapu Beach.


While the Andamans are adequately abundant in breathtaking views, there is one spot that perhaps trumps them all. Chidiya Tapu is located about 30 kilometers away from Port Blair, on the southern most tip of this pristine island, and is a prime location to watch the sunset.

What to Expect

Also called “Sunset Point” and Bird Island”, the beach at Chidiya Tapu in Andaman is dotted with mangroves and dense forests home to myriad exotic fauna. Among these are about 46 varieties of endemic birds which include seasonal birds, along with those native to the island.

A lot of driftwood that washes ashore on the beach makes for some fascinating site, which one can spend hours discovering. The lack of islands nearby give an unobstructed view of the horizon, which lights up to a fiery orange every evening.

Chidiya Tapu offers a trail that leads up through dense jungles, up to Munda Pahad. The trail is unkempt and slightly treacherous but is worth the walk.

chidiya tapu in andaman

Fun at the Chidiya Tapu Beach

chidiya tapu in andaman

Gorgeous driftwood washing the shores

The Photo Story 

Feast your eyes to the mesmerizing sunset as the beach is bathed in a gorgeous light, and experience the sky changing a million colors within seconds.

chidiya tapu in andaman

That’s the point where you go for catching the sunset

chidiya tapu in andaman

Doesn’t it look like a painting?

chidiya tapu in andaman

Just as gorgeous as sunsets in Varanasi

chidiya tapu in andaman

Find your angles to capture the striking sunrays

chidiya tapu in andaman

So picturesque

chidiya tapu in andaman

Sunset lovers – Chidiya Tapu is for you

chidiya tapu beach in andaman

And just when it was about to set

CHIDIYA tapu beach in andaman

Sunset silhouette photography!

Wanderers Hub Tips

√ The driftwood on the beach resulted from the falling of trees during Tsunami, and it sure looks gorgeous. But you got to be cautious as the sharp edges of trees can injure you. I bruised my knees badly while climbing up the driftwood formations.

√ There is nothing else to do on Chidiya Tapu in Andaman other than bird watching and sunset watching. So, if either of these doesn’t interest you, skip a visit. Rather plan a day out for some adventurous water activities in Port Blair. You may also keep aside some time for visiting the Ross Island.

√ We would suggest you bring your snacks and water to the beach as there aren’t many shops around. Though, about 100 meters from the sunset point, you would find two little kiosks selling coconut water and limited food items.

√ The beach is strictly guarded and though you can take a dip into the waters, there’s a restricted area for bathing. You’ll notice “beware of crocodile” signage across the beach so it’s always better to remain cautious when prancing around.

√ It is best to rent a taxi from Port Blair to reach Chidiya Tapu conveniently.


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