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Vietnam is a place full of mesmerizing sceneries, scrumptious food, and vibrant energy. It is a blend of chill and thrill and gives people experience to remember.

Vietnam has one of the best places for caving with huge yawning caverns – Phong Nha-ke Bang National Park. The spectacular sculptures and tranquil atmosphere makes the trip to the cave worthwhile. Hoi An, an old town in Vietnam is clean and calm whose true charm is in gazing at the city so structured and historic.

One can buy souvenirs or have delicious food at the restaurants. Nha Trang is another beautiful place to visit. It is a clean and well maintained beach with swimming areas to swim and lounging areas to relax on the sand, under the sun. Cu Chi tunnels is another fascinating place.

It is an underground network of operations built during war. One needs to literally crawl and go on knees through the tunnel to enter and go through the tunnel which is altogether an adventurous experience.

The mesmerizing sceneries and the vibe of the place make for an unforgettable vacation!



There’s a slight nip in the air as we start...