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How did Wanderers Hub start?

Matches are made in heaven but ours was birth by wanderlust. Harsh and I are gypsies at heart and Youtubers by profession. Though hitched to the virtual world for life, we often find ourselves dabbling with many other mistresses of interest and responsibility. We wear many hats to get by life, but travel is our favourite outfit. We share an insatiable desire is to explore the world in quest of a rich treasure trove of memorable experiences.

Following our passion, we’ve hiked to Bhutan’s famous monastery and danced under the mesmerizing northern lights; we’ve ploughed through glaciers in Ireland and dived into the blue of the Philippines sea. And so, the adventures continue, spanning many an infinite moment of wonder, beauty, and love.

Prerna & Harsh

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Thank you for taking out some time of your busy lives and stopping here to know about our world!

We understand how hectic it is to balance travel and work together! Sometimes it seems like you are stuck in a vicious cycle and can only get out of it after quitting your job! But well ‘Busy’ is a myth… with full time working hours and family obligations, we still manage to travel. You know how?

Unlike others our survival list is a little different. It does include breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking, bathing (we aren’t zombies) but then the list has one more thing in it and i.e. TRAVELING.


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