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UAE which is the federation of 7 emirates has attracted tourists from all over the world for many years. Dubai is the most popular tourist attraction among them.

There are several record breaking tourist attractions which call people for a trip to this place. Burj Khalifa, one of the largest skyscrapers in the world, has the most amazing panoramic view of the Dubai skyline which is worth gazing at.

Coming to the ground, Dubai has the magnificent floral wonderland called Dubai Miracle garden with color and scent extravaganza of millions of natural flowers. Not only this, UAE is full of desert adventure, cruises, water sports, skydiving, theme parks, and what not!

Besides this, there are so many other places where people can engage themselves to get the real essence of the place. It can be visiting the stunning place of Emirates, the grand mosque of Sheikh Zayad, relaxing at Al Ain Oasis park, taking a tour of the heritage village, and the list goes on and on.

One thing that is sure is that there are heck of things to do in UAE that hours would fall short in days and days would seem just too less for the UAE.