about us

About US

Hello Everyone – the travelers, the wanderer, and the ones bitten by Wanderlust bug!

Thank you for taking out some time of your busy lives and stopping here to know about our world!

We understand how hectic it is to balance travel and work together! Sometimes it seems like you are stuck in a vicious cycle and can only get out of it after quitting your job! But well ‘Busy’ is a myth… with full time working hours and family obligations, we still manage to travel. You know how?

Unlike others our survival list is a little different. It does include breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking, bathing (we aren’t zombies) but then the list has one more thing in it and i.e. TRAVELING.

On Wanderers Hub, We Mostly Share About Romantic Travel, Luxury Stays, Offbeat Holidays, Weekend Excursions, & Smart Travel Planning & Tips.

How did Wanderers Hub Start?

We went for our first international trip together to Barcelona & Ibiza and realized an eternity of things right in those few days. We wanted to go for the next trip quickly once we were back and there was no looking back ever since!

Together we have embarked on a lot of adventures; we have trekked the Tiger Nest Bhutan, snorkelled in the magical world underneath the crystal-clear blue water in Maldives, relaxed at some of the world’s most spectacular beaches in the Philippines, zipped through various European countries, learnt ice climbing in Iceland, undertook some spiritual voyages for self-discovery and discovered our secular Mother land!

What started as a mere portal to keep track of our travels has become a trusted travel blog in India that inspires thousands of readers to step out of their routines to travel!


I’m Prerna!!

I am a post graduate in mass communication (Journalism) from the I.P University. I tried my hands at event management, graphic designing, and fashion designing in the chronological order before finally realizing that I am indeed meant to be a writer.

A daydreamer; I love everything mushy – be it romantic dates, romantic novels, kisses, movies or cuddles. Apart from all this, I am the writer of this blog and I love my work. When I am not traveling, I spend tending to demands of Harsh (which include shopping for him, giving him a head massage, and letting him sleep in peace) 🙂

I am Harsh!!

I am an electronic engineer by profession and I love traveling the most. Most of my time goes in resisting assaults thrown by Prerna regarding the proper functioning of this website.

I love photography and most of the pictures on the blog are taken by me. It is quite difficult for me to stay in the same place for a long time (half an hour at max) especially home. On weekdays or even weekends, you’d most likely find me drinking beer in a lounge, playing snooker, or driving around Delhi. When I am not traveling, I spend time tending to demands of Prerna ( making good food for her, doing the laundry, playing crosswords, and acting a romantic nerd ) 🙂


  • Wandering&with the purpose to give meaning to our lives
  • Going to exotic locations and witnessing pretty sunsets
  • Luxury trips (who doesn’t like luxe and glam)
  • Drinking coffee (searing hot)
  • Road trips (with songs at full swing – sometimes peppy & rock ones and on other days calm & romantic music)
  • Making new friends while traveling and staying in touch with them even after years
  • Planning itineraries for the upcoming trips and then going on a shopping spree
  • Living in secluded places in solace (the reason we plan tours in off seasons)


  • Traveling around with big suitcases! Why carry extra baggage when you can buy new stuff during the trip
  • Not knowing the native language – It gets very difficult sometimes
  • Arranging our travel documents and then waiting for the visa approval (the wait!!!)