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Japan, the land of the Rising Sun is a place where you can find cutting-edge technology coexisting with ancient traditions in perfection. Cherry Blossoms, Historic Temples, the Fastest Transport, and Unique Traditions are a few experiences one can indulge in on their trip to Japan.

In this series of Japan exploration, we’ve taken you through the minute details of our trip, our commute, our food, and our travel bucket lists which include tons of hacks to save money, make more time, and explore all of Japan & it’s unique attractions.

From Mount Fuji to the Shibuya Crossing to the Local Pubs and the best of Sushi and Ramen cafes, Japan is so unique that there’s nothing you can find anywhere else in the world.

So, while you scroll through the “Japan is living in 2050” reels, don’t miss out on reading the blogs we’ve written that can help you experience Japan in real life!