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Prague might be known as the city of romance, but there’s something this quaint and rusty city gives you on a walking tour that it doesn’t any other way! So go public transport if you may, but we can assure you Prague is best traversed by foot – especially if you’re a first timer!

To visit Prague, you might want to pre plan your itinerary to include all the city has to offer within the time frame you have, and what’s more, you have tons of options when it comes to walking tours.

ON a walking tour, a professional guide takes you across the city and acquaints you with the stories, legends, history, architecture, and the scrumptious street delicacies, until you feel a part of the bohemian vibe the city emanates!

Here’s what we were able to see on our walking tour with Prague City Tourism:


Situated comfortably in the midst of the Old Town, which served as the administrative capital back in the fourteenth century, the Astronomical Tower attracts tourists from the world over, thanks to it’s stunning design set in medieval stone.

Prague walking tours

Views from the top of the Astronomical Tower Prague

Prague walking tours

The Astronomical tower is under renovation but it was worth going up

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Another favourite with the old and new – the Opera House. It is a uniquely flamboyant building that casts operas every now and then. Keep an eye out for one when you’re in town.

walking tour of Prague

Discover the charm of Prague Opera


This historic tower was completed in 1475, and stands tall as it bifurcates the Old Town from the New Town. The Tower attracts people from all parts of the world as it symbolizes the epitome of Gothic architecture.

Check it out as part of your Prague walking tour as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture from the fifteenth century! As your guide will perhaps relate to you the long and enchanting narrative of this Tower, don’t forget to look around!

Prague walking tour

Just stunning architecture – Powder Tower


Located next to the historic Powder Gate in the heart of the city, the Municipal House is a celebrated concert venue that hosts events every now and then. Be it a larger-than-life musical, or a local stage drama, check out the Municipal House for a show you will never forget!

Prague walking tours

The beautiful Municipal House Prague


This street takes centre stage as it houses shops, pubs, and restaurants and is usually crowded from day to night. For a serene afternoon of lazing around, visit one of the nice cafes and fuel up for a shopping spree!

This might be the most crowded hub in town, but there’s certainly reasons why- it’s home to some of the nicest cafes around, serving the finest European delicacies. This is where you head for a day of good eating! From freshly baked croissants to perfectly roasted caramel, you’ll find everything here. You will also find nice beer spas in Prague in Ungelt.

Prague walking tours

Walk past Ungelt area in Prague city


Paris Street? In Prague? Yep, you heard it right! Paris Street houses the finest and most luxurious retail stores in Prague. Head here for a divine shopping experience. While this is often frequented by Prague’s richest and who’s who, you might stumble upon a thing or two for your pleasure. So if you have in mind a budget that you can afford a tiny splurge on, go visit!

Prague walking tour

Find the most expensive apparel stores on Parizska street

walking tour in Prague

Move towards the Jewish quarters


The Josefov, standing for the Jewish Quarter, is a historical feast. Dotted with tombstones standing as very reminders of the past, this ghetto is located in the Old Town and is frequented by historians and Jews from all over. You can find some of the oldest synagogues and coolest Jewish restaurants.

Fun in Prague

Right after we walked past the Jewish Colony

walking tour Prague

One of the historic complexes of Prague – St. Salvator Church


After a long walk around, the trip concludes at the Charles Bridge. So you can consider ending your day here at the Bridge that is the the city’s escape for young romantics.

Watch the sun set serenely as the city’s Gothic architecture lights up as dusk falls. By the end of it all, you’ll already be head over heels in love with Prague and that we can assure!

Prague walking tour

The popular Charles Bridge Prague

walking tour prague

After the tour, we waited at the Charles Bridge to catch the sunset

Confused about the walking bit? Here’s why you don’t need to give it a second thought:

Although you don’t necessarily have to choose from the tours to check this beautiful city out, to visit Prague means to visit it’s historical sites, and a lot of them are currently only accessible by foot.

Prague walking tours also allow you to see some un-touristy alleys and streets, gardens and courtyards, otherwise tucked away neatly in corners where you may not stumble upon them. So if you want the proper native experience, we suggest you walk your way around!

Learn a bunch of historical tidbits about Prague’s ancient, enriching history as you walk around the secret passageways of Old Town. These are places only accessible through walking tours, and it’s a pity to have to miss them!

Not into history? Not a big fan of cramped up tunnels? You can also have your walking tour customized, so you can spend time at these gorgeous sites as per your convenience! What’s more, you can opt for group tours alongside individual ones so you can have the best of both worlds. Don’t miss out a single site worth exploring!

prague tourism board

Was an amazing tour with this intellectual boss lady

Was an amazing tour with this intellectual boss lady

Things you should take care of as you ready yourself for the Prague walking tour:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes as it’s all about walking.
  2. Hydrate yourself and keep drinking water from time to time.
  3. Be friendly with your tour guide and try to strike a conversation.
  4. Cool down and stretch to avoid sore muscles.
  5. Lastly, have fun and don’t forget to enjoy!


**We would like to thank Prague Tourism Board for organizing a walking tour and Astronomical tower excursion for us**


  1. Rachael says:

    Prague is one of my favourite European cities – it just has such a great historical feel to it! You’ve got some great photos here that really show it off! 🙂

  2. Kona says:

    I have been there once in Chrismas holiday. It’s a very charming city.

  3. elina lopez says:

    Fascinating! Enjoyed while reading your blog. Thanks so much.

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