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Rambagh Palace Hotel Review – World’s No. 1 Hotel

Hot in the news, you would’ve heard about the World’s best hotel, right here in India, Rambagh Palace Jaipur. It was converted into a luxury hotel by the Taj Group in the 19th century, keeping the royalty intact. The hotel definitely has one of the best experiences to offer with spacious rooms, delicious food, royal architecture, lush gardens, and extremely generous staff that is oriented to detail. It is not an ordinary experience whatsoever.

So, brace yourselves as we take you through our experience at this regal oasis.

Arrival and Welcome at Rambagh Palace Jaipur

As we arrived at Rambagh Jaipur, we were taken aback by the beauty of the place & it’s grandeur. When you drive past the gardens to reach the main entrance, you feel like a royalty (at least, I felt so) and then the rain petal shower will leave you speechless. The check-in process is quite smooth. Yes, they do your tilak, and give you a rolled wet towel to feel refreshed.

The staff helps you with your luggage while you complete the formalities. It is however recommended to pre-book your stay as the stay can be quite expensive or the required room might not be available. The welcome is quite grand and the lobby is magnificent.

We usually use Booking.com to reserve our hotel stays and definitely get great deals most of the times.

Suite Stay

Though we booked a Palace Room, we were upgraded to a Historical Suite upon arrival! Of course, the experience is quite better as the suite is swanky with the garden views. From the beds to tables to the carpets, everything felt alluring as they depict the true “Elegant Rajasthani” vibe.

It is a well-structured palace hotel with the perfect ambience all around. The stay is made pleasant with an excellent all-round room service that is right there on a call and everything you want is available at your disposal. The hospitality is not something you get to experience anywhere and booking online can give to perks to a free upgrade!

Hotel Views and Amenities

Hotel Rambagh Palace Jaipur definitely makes for a once in a lifetime stay experience. While the hotel is full of lush green gardens and historical architecture, it offers various amenities that help you get through the Rajasthan’s heat like the swimming pool, spa, gym, ancient therapies, yoga sessions, and a lot more. While this is a place meant for staycation, you will have a great time unwinding here. The hotel looks way prettier at night with the lighting and striking atmosphere.

Food and Delights

The hotel hosts an array of exquisite dining options. During our stay, we tried to eat at nearly all of their renowned restaurants with each offering a unique culinary experience and taste. Every restaurant boasts a spectacular ambience and is indeed as good as a new adventure in itself.

Of all the restaurants we tried, our best picks would be The Rajput Room and the Suvarna Mahal. If you’re up for authentic Indian Cuisine, The Rajput Room is for you as Suvarna Mahal offers an Indo-European fusion. One look at the Suvarna Mahal and you would know what a royal feels like. Crockery by Versace and the light display is something to watch for.

The breakfast spread is complimentary, though other meals aren’t. Mind you – the breakfast spread will leave you so full but still craving for more as the food prepared by world-class chefs would leave you mesmerized. You can also try eating at Steam ( a real engine), and The Verandah.

Rambagh Palace Stay Price

One night stay at Rambagh Palace Jaipur could set you back by around 35ooo INR. The hotel has a variety of rooms and experiences to offer. Prices differ from season to season, yet we paid 36K per day for the stay.

Oh, and they take you on guided tours to the city showcasing Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, and City Palace. These are tours for those who wish to experience Jaipur in full luxury, though you can tour on your own.

All in all, our stay at the Rambagh Palace Hotel, was nothing short of a fairytale experience. The place left an indelible mark on us and is a true gateway to luxury, history, and culture. Let us know if you’re planning to go here or if you’ve been there, what are your views? Until then, we’ll curate more such experiences.

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