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Traveling- It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

So here is our story, err not the ordinary WhatsApp/Snapchat/Instagram story but Wanderers Hub’s 2017 tale! The story where we did fill our pockets with our jobs but did not forget to fill our souls with travel adventures.

So here’s our 2017 in a glance –


We went to Dharamshala (also known as the mini Switzerland of India). What a perfect start it was to the New Year – in each other’s arms wrapped in cold winter winds, surrounded by hills and mountains.

Beautiful Dharamshala

First trip of 2017 – Dharamshala

Dharamshala offbeat destinations

Explored the offbeat nooks and crannies of Dharamshala

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We had THE trip to Bali. It has got all our heart and soul and indeed was our favourite trip! What a place it is… immense beauty that leaves you spell-bounded.

Beautiful Bali in Indonesia

Trip to Bali 2017

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Sunset at Tanah Lot in Bali

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Andaman 2017

Lost in the greens in Neil Island Andaman

2017 was a good year. We went to the much-talked destination of India – Andaman. Amidst the palm trees, tropical rainforest, in the middle of crystal clear blue water we enjoyed the solace and bliss this trip bought for us.

Beautiful Andaman 2017

Andaman Islands trip 2017

Andaman 2017 sunsets

Beautiful sunsets are pretty common in Andaman

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Varanasi Ghats - visit by couple travel bloggers

Visit to Varanasi ghats 2017

Varanasi aarti scenes

Ganga aarti in Varanasi at the ghats

We went to the traditional Indian spots that depict the true culture and beliefs of India -Varanasi and then Lucknow imbued with a lot of holy places and shrines. It was in collaboration with Wrangler and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

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When I say ecstatic August and September, I mean it! This month took us to the land of art, love and fashion – Europe! We went to Paris, Italy (Florence, Pisa and Rome), Switzerland and we loved the famous destinations!

We also worked with Disneyland Paris which added a feather to the cap of Wanderers hub and left an indelible mark in our hearts!

Venice Shores - couple travel blog

Venice 2017

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Liechtensteins Palace visit 2017

Liechtenstein 2017

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Switzerland Interlanken - couple travel blog

Switzerland Interlaken 2017


Second last month of 2017 was a surprise! We went to Sri Lanka which without doubt is the most underrated country. Sri Lanka is magic, a hidden gem and one should definitely go there. We worked with LHK, Skinny Beach Resort and The Glamping Hub which opened up an entire new world of blogging by serving us the unknown and unexplored places in the country!

Skinny Beach 2017 couple travel blog

Skinny Beach House Srilanka 2017

Read about our stay at Skinny Beach Sri Lanka

Srilankan Sunsets

Koslanda visit 2017

Read about our stay at Living Heritage Koslanda


Finally, we had to bid adieu to another year but it had to be a grand one but in our Motherland! So, we made it big by being to the land of tigers – Jim Corbett!

Tigers are known for their bravery and ferocity and just like them we wanted to embark a new beginning by being wild and even more enthusiastic! What was even more amazing is our stay at the Treebo properties that actually helped us in quoting – “All’s well that Ends well”

Jim Corbett Where to Stay

Jim Corbett 2017 – Yes! We did spot a tiger.

Happy New Year… May 2018 bring immense joy and happiness, lots of trips and traveling in your lives!

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