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5 Best Things to Do When You Are in Ladakh tour

Ladakh, the land of “high passes” is a breathtaking region located in the northern part of India. It is an amalgamation of alluring landscapes, rich heritage, and opportunities for adventure sports. It is one of the most incredible places dotted with jagged valleys, snow-capped peaks, and ancient monasteries.

The adventure known as the Leh Ladakh Trip is filled with exciting activities. In the rugged terrains, you can indulge in bike trips, trekking, camping, and mountaineering. The limit of the thrill is exceeded as you visit the wildlife sanctuaries and spot the rare and exotic snow leopard. The alpine pristine lakes, the azure clear open skies, and the lofty mountains make it a haven on earth for thrill seekers and nature lovers.

Bike Ride

Be the ultimate champion of self-goals as you wander through the high mountain passes with the Ladakh bike trip. Bike through some of the most breathtaking landscapes known for their rugged terrains, magnificent mountains, and winding roads.

Gateway to Shyok and Nubra, it is located at an elevation of 18,379 ft. It was constructed in 1976 and was opened for public visitations in 1988. Though it is a cold and windy place the best time to visit is from March to May.

Traverse through quaint villages and sprawling stretches of arid land as all cold vanishes into thin air by the warmth of the locals. As you cover each mile of  Khardung-La you unveil scenic vistas at each corner such as the glistening lakes of Pangong Tso and Moriri Tso.

The highlight of the trip includes the Spituk Monastery also known as Spituk Gompa. It is a beautiful monastery on the hills offering mesmerizing scenic views. Next up is the Leh Palace which was constructed in the 1600s. This nine stories high façade has several archaic paintings dating back to 450 years.

River Rafting at  Zanskar

River rafting in Ladakh, especially at the Zanskar and Indus rivers is an adventurous activity filled with fun and excitement. Situated on the Zanskar River the Phey to Nimo is one of the popular river rafting routes in Leh Ladakh.

The total distance that the route covers is thirty-six km starting from Phey which is 12 km from Leh and ends at Nimo as it lies 36 km from Ladakh’s capital city. The challenging rapids vary from Grade II to Grade III and are ideal for both amateurs and experts.

The level of difficulty gradient lies between easy to moderate and it takes around two to three hours to complete the entire water activity. The captivating landscapes are like an add-on to the delightful expeditions. The sights to behold on the excursion are magnificent mountains, Buddhist monasteries, and canyons created by the river.

Camel Safari at Nubra Valley

Camel Safari is a unique and fun-filled experience in the Nubra Valley. The ship of desert, camel as most of us know is single-humped. But the ones found in Ladakh are double-humped and are known as Bactrian Camels. These camels have a coat of thick hair and are considered endangered.

The safari in Ladakh begins from Hunder and Diskit as both these villages are located in the Nubra Valley. Traverse through the pristine landscape of Nubra Valley as it is filled with verdant apricot orchards, jagged mountain terrains, and frozen deserts.

The pit stops of the camel safari are areas of Tiggur, Pinchimik, and Yulkam. They have been part of the route since the ancient Silk Route. Take a breather as you visit the Buddhist monasteries on the way and unwind at the hot springs known for their healing properties.

Trek in Markha Valley

The charming Markha Valley is located in the cold desert of Ladakh in Hemis National Park. It takes you through picturesque locations and is fuelled by adventure. The trek involves several river crossings along with a high-altitude pass of Kongmaru La.

The trail has some awesome views of Mt Yatse along with rocky canyons and plenty of wildlife. And the most enchanting area of the trek is the quaint and lovely villages of the Markha Valley. The mud houses amidst the lush fields are a magnificent sight in the middle of the arid mountains of Ladakh.

The Markha Valley trek offers a magnificent view of the landscapes and covers a total distance of 120 km. It is a multi-day trek and has a  moderate to difficult level of gradient because of its length and high altitude.

Rock Climbing

Ladakh’s terrains are playgrounds for adventure seekers and especially for those who want to experience the thrill of rock climbing amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes. Lofty rock formations such as the Stok Kangri and Matho Kangri are challenging for climbers with their steep ascents and rewarding scenic vistas.

The high-altitude environment becomes a push in testing both physical and mental endurance. As climbers traverse intricate routes and, on the way, encounter challenges like unpredictable weather. The ethereal beauty of the place with its valleys and snow-covered peaks provides a surreal background for this adventurous activity.

Conclusion: The inviting jagged terrain of Ladakh is a dream for many adventure seekers and lovers of nature. The cold barren deserts, snow-clad mountains, and glaciers all in unison make it a special destination.  Even gushing rivers and lakes exude opportunities for exciting water sports and it is also a realm of spirituality with its ancient Buddhist monasteries. Ladakh is a tailor-made destination for every kind of traveller from an adrenaline junkie to a lost soul seeking peace.

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