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A trip to the Philippines is absolutely incomplete without visiting Coron Safari Park in Palawan Philippines. A number of Coron tours might entice you to book a tour to this surreal escape, nothing beats the true experience.

The Philippines has always boasted of a rich marine ecosystem with some of the most exotic marine wildlife anywhere in the world. It is no wonder that people flock to the islands in the millions every year to witness the richness in marine biodiversity firsthand – which remains our favourite too. But there is a whole lot of endemic animal species over the ground and their charm is often lost as tourists prefer swimming through the pristine waters, looking for bright schools of fish to brighten up their day.

feeding at Calauit Safari Park

The best day in Philippines for the two of us


What makes for the best Coron tour is that it gives you time away from the gorgeous beaches and plunges you into some more interesting things this pretty island has to offer! Calauit island is another place that begs your attention: a part of the Calamian archipelago, this beautiful wildlife park is about 3700 hectares in size and houses a richness of biodiversity equivalent to about 2000 animals!

What more? Calauit island boasts of some stunning lakes and lagoons where you can put your feet up and sip a leisurely drink or two to wade off the heat.

A number of animal species endemic to Palawan, such as giraffes, wild boars, gazelles, Calamian mouse deer, pythons, and eagles are open to public view only via the Coron Safari Park, so make sure you book this experience as soon as you can!


Visit to Calauit Safari Park

Showering blessings or trying to kiss

Zebras Calauit Safari Park

Zebras in their natural habitat

coron wildlife

Aren’t they the cutest!


The Coron Calauit Safari Park itinerary usually starts with a visit to the wildlife sanctuary/game reserved followed by a half day trip to various breathtaking Coron Islands.


You are picked up from your hotel in Coron at 5:30 AM and are driven to Salvacion, where you will be served a nice, hearty breakfast. This is usually at a local’s house. You will feel amazing surrounded by local and hospitable people as well as nature. But make sure you inform your guide, if any, if you are vegetarian!
The next stop is Calauit Safari Park, and you have the option of taking a speed boat or car. Of course, for anyone the preferred means of travel to the safari park has to be a speed boat. It’s less time consuming and a better way of reaching the safari.


You get an option to do a walking tour of the Calauit Safari Park or do it on a jeep at an extra price. We decided to do it on the jeep and sitting on the top of it was fun.

You are dropped off at a feeding station where you have all the time to feed giraffes and take pictures. It is your chance to be up close and personal with these lovely creatures. Best, you are within an enclosed area while the giraffes are roaming about freely. Of course, you need to follow instructions of your guide accompanying so that you do not end up hurting yourself.

Glad, the day we did safari, the weather was good and we could actually spend a lot more time at the park. It was lovely looking at zebras grazing freely in the park at their own whim.

Calauit Safari Park Palawan

That cute family of zebras and giraffes

Other than that, there was a mini zoo where we got a chance to see pythons and other endemic species like the civet cat and monkeys. This didn’t impress us anyhow as the animals were caged and definitely nothing something to be proud about. So I chose not to click their pictures or post anywhere as that’s against our ethics. Other than the mini zoo, we were quite happy being in the company of zebras and giraffes.

That cute family of zebras and giraffes

Palawan Calauit Safari Park

Calauit safari park – just chilling around

Giraffes Calauit Safari Park

Bumming around at the Calauit Park Palawan

visit coron Calauit Safari Park

Lost in the beautiful world of Zebras and Giraffes


The next stop will be for lunch, as you will probably be hungry by now. Salvacion has a number of eateries, but again make sure you inform your guide, if any, if you are vegetarian!

Once you are well fed and rested, it’s time for island hopping in Busuanga Bay.


Pass Island, Lusong Coral Gardens, and Shipwreck Site are all close by and your guide will be happy to take you around! The coral gardens are home to a wide array of marine wildlife, which you can see just by snorkeling around! It took about 40 minutes to reach Pass Island from the safari site and the boat ride was so scenic. It was just quiet and so peaceful.

Simply sit around and stare at the skies if you don’t want to go for snorkeling! Around sunset, the air gets cooler, and the humidity gives way to a chilly breeze. That is good time for snorkeling. The underwater life at these beaches and areas is like nowhere you would have seen ever. It is surreal.

Lusong Gunboat is close by too, and has an enriching history – it is one of the twelve World War II Japanese Supply Ships that was anchored in Coron Bay, when the US Navy had launched a massive airstrike. The remains are captivating and call for a leisurely visit underwater.

A Coron Safari tour is likely to cost around 2000 PHP  – 2500 PHP per head and it is totally worth the investment. The richness in biodiversity is tough to miss, and the guided tours make it accessible and thoroughly enriching!

pass island palawan coron

Pass Island – our most favorite island in Coron

underwater life pass island

Green waters of Pass Island Palawan

coral garden

Underwater Life at Pass Island Coron

Calauit Safari Park Tour Inclusions

Your first step should be to get clarity on inclusions on your Calauit Safari Park trip. Typically, your one-day safari and island hopping tour would include:

  • Licensed Guide
  • Buffet breakfast and lunch
  • AC van pickup and drop off
  • Entry in the safari park and other permits
  • Snorkelling equipment (you can rent it at 150 PHP)

What you must bring on Calauit Safari Park Tour

  • Sunscreen (Reapply it generously from time to time)
  • Sunhat
  • Towels (though you’d be provided on the tours but just in case you want to carry your own)
  • Wet bag to protect your phone (you need this one for sure)
  • Snorkelling gear (better if you carry your own; in many tours it is chargeable)
  • Waterproof camera, Gopro, or waterproof phone
  • Swimming shoes (can rent/buy in Coron)
  • Extra clothes

Calauit Safari Park Planning

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind when booking:


The tours are often very high in demand and might be full by the time you try to book, so it is advisable to book tickets, or a safari, well in advance.
  • The tours usually serve seafood and therefore you should make an early request if you are vegetarian or vegan.
  • Make a request for snorkelling gear in advance too, or you might have to cough up 150 PHP per head for the otherwise inexpensive gear.
  • It might be better to opt for the car on hot summery days to go to the Calauit Park as it could get super hot and humid traveling by boat!



  1. Amber Myers says:

    Oh wow, what a gorgeous area. I’ve always liked checking out safari parks. Giraffes are such beautiful creatures.

  2. Natalia says:

    This Safari Park looks just wonderful! I love the fact that you can pose to your pictures standing so close to these beautiful animals. The sea life also looks spectacular. Can’t wait to visit this park! 🙂

  3. Arnab Majumdar says:

    That’s a great safari park. i have seen zebras, but not so many together. Would love to visit someday

  4. Tara Pittman says:

    With all that room they have to roam it is amazing that the animals come see the people. I would love to be that close to a giraffe.

  5. Nessy says:

    I was just there last January. It’s a very beautiful place. Although I didn’t get to visit the safari. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go back there and try this one out. 🙂

  6. Julietta M says:

    I absolutely love your dress and this Safari park looks cool! The tips you have are so helpful!

  7. Kam Balitaan says:

    Feels like ages ago since I’ve been here! I love Coron especially the beaches.

  8. Jennifer L says:

    Oh how beautiful are those giraffes! This safari park look absolutely incredible. I definitely would love to add this to my list of places to visit when I travel to the Phillippines.

  9. Ruth I says:

    Palawan is one of the best places in the Philippines for me. I’ve been in Coron but didn’t get the chance to visit the Safari Park. I need to go back!

  10. Sundeep says:

    I have done a few jungle safaris in India. I am so inspired by your writing and pics.

  11. Nihon no Kuruma says:

    Thanks for the enlightening read. Came from your Instagram, so I decided to check your blog out as per your recommendation. No regrets!!! Hoping to check out your other adventures too!!!

  12. Ivy says:


    Can you still remeber which tour company you get to do this? Thanks

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