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There is nothing better than serving others,

There is nothing better than loving others,

And there is nothing better than bringing joy in other’s lives,

Because anything better than that is GOD!


We have always been grateful for everything that god has bestowed upon us. But there are times when we actually feel less loved, less fortunate and that is when we look for other people and count on how little things they have yet so much happy they are.
Wanderers Hub is not a mere travel diary of ours. It is not that we only love going to places but it is also learning unknown facts about life.


Recently, we went with Rasoi on Wheels to Nathupur Village. Rasoi on Wheels is an initiative wherein they serve food to under privileged people of the society. They support all those who wish to contribute in the noble causes, by organising camps and supplying meal boxes.
We spent a day with so many kids who got all excited when we started distributing food to them. For them food is not a necessity it is a luxury.

Rasoi on Wheels

Feeding the less privileged in the best possible manner

less priviliged kids

Her eyes – just so pretty

hygienic food - places to visit in delhi for kids

Distributed hygienically packed food to kids

food distribution - places to visit in Delhi for kids

Food distribution in a school in Nathupur Village

happiness - places to visit in Delhi for kids

Nathupur Village Schools

We have often portrayed a bright picture of different places but every coin has two sides. We haven’t thrown light on the darker shades because we always thought that mere discussion and display of problems do not solve the issues.

So, Harsh and I often discussed how much can we do as responsible people to make the difference. We did not go for elephant rides in Sri Lanka to pay respect towards the innocent animals. We did not have the Civet coffee in Bali because of the exploitation cats have faced in the making of the coffee. I try to teach my maid’s daughters on days when I’m free. Harsh tries to spend time with blue collared workers to know them and to help them in simple ways.

Even on our latest trip to Kashmir we met kids with gullible smiles and pure hearts who were eager to learn new things but their families could not even support basic education system. On our road trips we find children working with their parents on the streets for survival.
So, every drop makes the ocean. Not only we ensure that while travelling we do not harm nature and its beings, we also take care that we can do anything and everything little that serves other.

fun with kids

Me- the happy bunny

precious smiles

They were so happy to have received colourful scarves


Schools in Nathupur Village – So quirky


Giving others food, blankets, warmth and love can be the best thing! It doesn’t cost much but it does bring in a ray of hope for them that goodness exists in this world. In fact, when looking for places to visit in Delhi for kids welfare or otherwise, consider joining hands with Rasoi on Wheels and making a difference.
The best part is the food distributed is tasty, nutritious & hygienically packaged. All those who wish to feed the less privileged when in Delhi can directly get in touch with Rasoi on Wheels. You can distribute meal boxes at an extremely affordable price.
We would proudly say that we love each other, we love our families, we love travelling but even more than that we love smiles we can bring on others’ face. We feel empowered! In fact, we feel that without name and fame you can become good too. We feel as if it is our form of prayer to god because after all-

‘Simple acts of kindness are far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayers.’

Just in case you want to do this noble deed of feeding the adorable munchkins, contact them at 9818584372/ 9811982272 /9910172272 between 10am – 10pm.


  1. Krupa says:

    This is so inspiring post. Those kids look so cute. Looks like you had great time with them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, this was so amazing to learn about. I volunteered for about two years with a local charity in Hawaii who boxed up food for struggling and homeless families so this is a topic dear to my heart. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Such an important topic! Many of us forget that on our travels we could also make a difference on locals life. Thanks for bringing this up and writing about it.

  4. Social responsibility is a great thing to consider while travelling. Thank you for putting the spotlight on causes like this one that are doing so much for so many people!

  5. This article and your act of kindness is so inspiriting! You can see it in the children’s eyes and smiles on how much they appreciate your efforts.

  6. Saumya Rai says:

    Thank you for doing your bit for the society and hats off to Rasoi on Wheels for this beautiful initiative. The smiling faces of these kids say it all!

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