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Kurseong Tour Plan: Everything about this Stunning Hill Station in West Bengal

It was during summers we felt the urge to run away from the hot and arid to the place that is pleasant, breezy and yes! unexplored too. We ultimately zeroed on Kurseong, West Bengal, the land of orchids, a slightly offbeat place where people stop by for tea, coffee and bingo! we knew we just had to go there. It was until we visited this place that we realized how gorgeous and enchanting the place is! 

Kurseong is a lush green town where you can see the stunning velvet plains fusing with the misty green hills dotted with tea gardens, enjoy the pleasant weather, interact with locals, and have the pleasure of tasting the authentic cuisine of the place.

Let us take you through our amazing trip to Kurseong!

The fresh breeze, the ripples in the flowing river, the tiny droplets falling from trees, and the flock of birds chirping and rushing to another place made the view absolutely perfect to gaze outside the window. The journey itself from Darjeeling to Kurseong became memorable!

After this beautiful journey, we finally stopped at our drive at Nirvana Retreat. We knew there were so many things to do in Kurseong that we were all set to explore this beauty as long as we unloaded our luggage.

Our stay at Nirvana Retreat

Being amidst the lush tea gardens, how could we not begin with tasting the purest form of tea from the abode itself! We did tea tasting at the cafe of Nirvana Retreat. For the first time, we saw different tea types with distinctive and different tea colors varying from pale yellow to dark brown. We were asked to slurp the tea and not sip it! 

To our amazement, apart from looking different from each other, each of the types had their own special taste too. We never knew two tea types could be so different where one had fragrance and other felt a little burnt. 

Places to Visit in Kurseong West Bengal

Namthing Pokhari

Another splendid place, Namthing Pokhari (Lake) was undoubtedly a treat to our soul. It is a secluded lake, utmost rich in flora and fauna. This area is known to be the home to the Himalayan Salamanders. They are now extinct in all other parts of the world.

The lake was dry at the time of our visit which only fills up with water during the rainy season. However, the huge and dense pine trees, serene and calm view, make it a gem of a place!

Eagles Craig Viewpoint

Eagles Craig Viewpoint was the ultimate point of serenity and calmness. There was a mini trek kind of thing to reach this viewpoint with steep terrain and fresh flowing river streams.

This mini trek leads to the stupendous panoramic view of the mighty Kanchenjunga and mountain ranges with lush green valleys that made us spellbound, quite literally! Cool breeze, magical view, and us on the top of the world – what else could we wish for!

Dow Hills

Another one of the best things to do in Kurseong is visiting Dow Hills which is full of beautiful vistas and orchid gardens. It is for people who seek thrill and want to bask themselves in the scenic beauty. This hill has many attractions including parks, schools, museums, etc. Dow Hill Park is a small park on the top of the hill where you can take a chill pill!

It has swings and slides for children and different kinds of plantations for green lovers. We also visited the Dow Hill museum that demonstrates exhibits of the rich flora and fauna in Kurseong. Besides this, there is a freshwater reservoir too in a picturesque setting with an elevated picnic area.

The Dow Hill has so much to offer for its tourists that they might need to stay there for a night. And hence there is Dow Hill Rest House as well. At the foot of the Dow Hill there are schools built in the lovely colonial architecture which were worth a visit. 

Is Dow Hill Haunted?

While it is an ever so mesmerizing place, it has an eerie side too! The locals say that there are haunted places in Kurseong. The beautiful Dow Hill which attracts tourists for its picturesque landscapes and dense forests is one of the most haunted places in Kurseong. While walking down the Dow hill, we saw a small stretch of road towards the forest office which people call ‘Death Road’! 

Locals narrated about how they feel they are being watched while they are in the middle of the forest. Some have even seen red eyes staring at them or a woman roaming in gray clothes. The Victoria boys school is also caught in the eeriness which is known to have encountered a few supernatural occurrences, which are still inexplicable. It is heard that when schools remain closed, sounds of footsteps and whisperings could be heard. We do not know to what extent this is real. But listening to these stories on the same lanes was already chilling down our spines!

This beautiful place offers a blend of authentic and unique experiences. And to experience most of it, you would need to spend a night or two or you’ll miss out on the best of Kurseong. There are several hotels and stays for the tourists, however, Dow Hills Kurseong Hotels would surely be our recommendation. We stayed at Nirvana Retreat and it was truly an amazing experience there. Covered in tall pine trees with a clear view of Kanchenjunga, it offers scenic view, comfortable stay and a wholesome experience. There are several other Dow Hills Kurseong hotels like Taj Chia Kutir Resort, Allita Resort, etc. that will add to your splendorous trip to Kurseong!

How to Reach Darjeeling to Kurseong? 

You can reach Darjeeling and further decide to hire a cab from Darjeeling to Kurseong. It took us about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Kurseong on our own rented vehicle.

You can also travel by train where New Jalpaiguri is the nearest station to the site, which is 44 kms away from there. If you want to travel by air, Bagdogra is the nearest airport which is about 40 kms away from Kurseong. Whichever way you chose, however you go, the scenic beauty of the journey was way more refreshing than we could imagine! 

So when are you planning your trip to Kurseong?

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