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Goa is blessed with so many beaches, gorgeous sunsets, authentic culture and lively shacks & bars that it seems almost unfair. Refreshing seaside views while enjoying live music and sumptuous seafood is something I look forward to, as for the same, we head to Goa every year without fail! No matter how many tourists might visit this little town each year, it’s still going to be my personal favorite one, for what it offers is simply unparalleled as compared to any other place.
There’s a reason why Goa enjoys an exalted status amongst travelers around the world. The yummy combination of sun, sea and sand can blow your mind literally! Sky lanterns brighten the evening sky, ice-cold mojitos by the seaside, local people flaunting Hawaiian style clothes, bright colored houses, perfectly-spiced food on the shacks, and beaches that can literally enchant you – I can NEVER forget my Goan trips.
Goa has everything a holiday maker could literally need – here’s our favorite things about the town that we always look forward to when planning a visit, so you never have to ask “What to do in Goa”.



Make sure you carry your driving license so you can rent a scooter and roam around North and South Goa. You can get a scooty rented for approx Rs.150-200 per day and hit it off the road. all drives around Goa are scenic, but my personal favourite has to be the one from Pomburpa to Panjim. It is a short stretch of 6kms and the perennial waters running parallel make for a picturesque view. Thanks to the striking surroundings and tinkling sound of springs, we had the most memorable scooty rides in the area.


When you get done with nightclubs and shack parties, it’s time for you to hit the casinos. Three prime casino cruises popular in Goa are Deltin Royale, Casino Pride and Casino Pride 2. We went to Casino Pride, which is the older one, but most of the people who have been to Goa before suggest going to this one only.
The very moment we stepped onto the floating casino cruise, we were overwhelmed. We could find people of different kinds flocked over that ship, just waiting eagerly to flush their chips. Super yay! Because we won ourselves! And were so happy to recover our entry charges, which were 1500 INR per person.

Needless to say, we were entertained to the ends. The belly dance, sumptuous unlimited dinner menu, and those poker chips are the reason I am going to come back to Goa again. So when you are done with sightseeing in Goa, just head to the casino.
Quick Tip: Don’t forget to wear formal clothes as they won’t let you enter the casino in casuals. Sadly, Harsh wasn’t wearing his formals and he had to buy slouchy pants from a nearby store, which of course, he never wore again.

what to do in goa

Casino Pride Goa


Open-air cabanas and shacks are the answer to everything. Yes! That’s what you want when you have to shun away from the ennui of your life. Sipping some margaritas and tasting the seaside madness with waves coming and going in a synchronic pattern is something we don’t get to see in routine citylife. So whenever you feel like you are getting stuck in the monotonous pattern, head to Goa. There’s an amazing cocktail menu and finger snacks available, which you can enjoy while listening to trance music. Act and feel like a HIPPIE!
My favourite shack in Goa is definitely Curlies. Brittos and Tito lane’s Cape Town Café are also two popular ones that make it in my list but Curlies is definitely a notch higher. Curlies at Anjuna is pretty happening as it serves chilled alcohol, amazing food and awesome ambience. It’s always good to seek accommodation in Goa somewhere close to Baga for making the most of your time.

what to do in goa

Curlies, Goa


Goa is a land of hippies and party makers for most – parties that last all night. Our favourites nightclubs in Goa are Club Love Passion Karma (LPK) in Candolim and Club Cubana. We had the most amazing time partying and dancing at LPK for which we had to pay 2000INR as a couple fee. DJ Ali Merchant was playing at the club and it sure was a night worth remembering.
Now if you are a female visiting Goa alone then it is important that you take some precautionary steps and keep yourself safe all the time. You can read some amazing tips to remain safe for female solo travelers in Goa for help.

what to do in Goa

Love Passion Karma



We did all sorts of water activities in Goa, but what stayed with us was our parasailing experience. Enjoying spectacular sea views when suspended in the air is so amazing. This activity is completely safe. Apart from parasailing, you can enjoy other thrilling activities like banana boat ride, jet skiing, etc. Even a day of indulgence in water games at the Baga Beach or Calangute would be less for the adventure souls.

What to do in Goa

If I am a bird, you are bird!


Sinquerim beach lies on a stunning stretch of sand which is also adjacent to Aguada Fort. Amongst all the beaches in Goa that we visited, this one is my personal favourite after Anjuna. It is not as touristy as as Baga and that is why we love heading to Sinquerim over and again. Vivanta by Taj is just 2 min walk away from the beach so you could even plan on seeking accommodation there. Sitting on the large stones and catching the sun going down is a memory stuck in my head. I wish I could see such sunsets everyday!

what to do in goa

Sinquerim Beac


One thing you cannot do without when in Goa is shopping. Being a big time shopper myself, I find myself making a way to the colourful Goan street markets where one can find literally anything from clothes, footwear, accessories, handmade jewellery, jholas, hats, to all sorts of bohemian stuff. Don’t forget to shop for trinkets at the Calangute Market Square. They are stunning!
If you are there in Goa on a Wednesday then make a visit to the Anjuna Flea Market, which is famous for its local handicrafts, spices, footwear, junk jewellery, and beach wear.

what to do in Goa

Colourful market in Panjim


What are your favourite Goan attractions?
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  1. Anna says:

    I’ve heard so many great stories about Goa, so this post has only solidified my interest in this place. Really like your tips – they’d match all types of travellers. I’d definitely enjoy shacks and spending time at those markets.

    • admin says:

      You are going to have the time of your life in Goa. It is one of the most recommended holiday destinations in India, Anna, for the sheer amount of fun it assures for travelers of all kinds. 🙂

  2. Chi says:

    Your writing is very helpful. It really does make me want to back my pack up, book a flight ticket and go to Goa!

  3. Tracie Howe says:

    I didn’t know much about Goa before reading this post. It sounds like there is plenty of fun to be had there. I love parasailing!

  4. neha says:

    Wow..these quiet the signature things to do in Goa. We have tried all except the paragliding. Next time we are gonna try that out

  5. The beaches of Goa look fun. And we love parasailing. We’ll have to visit Goa on our next visit to India.

  6. Abigail says:

    I love an attraction with gorgeous beaches! And this one seems to have them!

  7. Mar Pages says:

    It seems like Goa really is the Hawaii of India. I really would love to eat at quirky Goan restaurant! I’m always looking for new and exciting places to eat at. Cape Town Café sounds like it might serve some South African food 🙂

  8. Ami says:

    Goa has so much for everyone. I love the beaches, the adventures -even the ones away from the beaches, the heritage sites….well! I just love Goa. Next I want to try Scuba here. Did you try it?

  9. I’ve always wanted to visit Goa! It looks like you guys had an amazing time. I’m so jealous!

  10. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Goa is always a fun trip with lots of places and things to do. Amazing beaches , water sports , mesmerizing views. Goa has everything for a perfect trip.

  11. Katie says:

    What a stunning place! The beach looks gorgeous and the view is incredible! Love it!

  12. Gypsy soul says:

    Love the beaches! With -20 degrees outside now, I so want to be there right now.

  13. Omniya Fareed Shafik says:

    Goa is a place that i really want to go to, but is it safe for women?

  14. Mr and Mrs W says:

    We have not yet been to India but fancy going soon. We love the sound of the markets and also just relaxing in one of the beach shacks drinking margaritas sound good too. Have you been to Kerala?

  15. Kim-Ling says:

    I love the sound and look of Curlies! I bet it would be the perfect place to chill after a long day exploring Goa or hanging by the beach. I’d also be super-keen to go parasailing! It sounds like Goa is the perfect destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers.

  16. loudy says:

    very nice pictures. I really love those bags in the Colorful market they are so cute

  17. Leah says:

    I’ve still never made it to India, but Goa would be my first stop. When I get there, you can find me at the food stalls!

  18. Kerri says:

    Goa is gaining more notoriety as “the” place to go to in India. Judging from these photos, I can certainly see why. Myself, I could be found most of the time at the beach shacks, eating local foods, drinking local drinks and just taking it easy in this beautiful location. The markets would also be fun, as would hanging out with the locals. Thanks for all the great information in here. Very useful.

  19. Vicki Louise says:

    I never realized there was so much to do in Goa. I knew about the beautiful beaches, and the paragliding, but I would never have thought of it as a destination for gambling at a casino!

  20. You’ve got really amazing photos! I haven’t been to this part of the world yet, but for sure, I’d LOVE to see Goa 😀 There seems to be so many amazing things to do and sights to see over there 😀

  21. Rhonda Albom says:

    Goa looks like a hip, vibrant, and active destination. Hubby says let’s go because he loves vindaloo dishes.

  22. Joan Torres says:

    WOW Goa! It’s a place I missed during my visit in India and I kind of regret it, as it seems the perfect place to chill and enjoy some proper holidays after the hectic travels around the country. The parasailing looks so much fun! How much did you pay for it?

  23. Mar Pages says:

    I love all the activities you posted. But my favourite would be chilling in the open-air cabanas and shacks, muching away on some really great food. They really are are the answer to everything 🙂

  24. Megan Jerrard says:

    A scooty drive from Pomburpa to Panjim sounds like fun!! I would love the chance to visit Goa, it seems like there’s so much to do from the beautiful beaches to the sunsets and the awesome food! We’re adventurous and love the outdoors so would absolutely be up for parasailing and other watersports. Thanks for the inspiration … hopefully manage a trip later this year 🙂

  25. Prachi Singh says:

    Hi Prerna Dii,

    I am highly impressed with this website and the details provided. I am a subscriber of your YouTube channel, thus I know you belong to a vegetarian family. I am also a vegetarian, I want to know isn’t it difficult to travel all around the world being a vegetarian ?

    Lots of lots of Love <3

  26. Your guide on the 7 absolutely fun things to do in Goa is fantastic! Your vibrant descriptions of the beaches, nightlife, and hidden gems really capture the essence of this lively destination. Your personal tips and recommendations make it easy to plan an exciting and memorable trip. Thanks for sharing such an engaging and helpful resource!

  27. Your guide on the 7 absolutely fun things to do in Goa is fantastic! Your vibrant descriptions of the beaches, nightlife, and hidden gems really capture the essence of this lively destination. Your personal tips and recommendations make it easy to plan an exciting and memorable trip. Thanks for sharing such an engaging and helpful resource!

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