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We walked into a blanket of ice like we’ve never done before. For our thrill of experiencing surreal landscapes and exposing ourselves to the uncommon, we decided to take the journey up to Mount Titlis Switzerland and immerse ourselves in another world altogether – a world of pristine while mountains, drenched in inches of fresh snow and a repository of the world’s most actionable snow activities!

To begin with, unlike most mountainous ranges with heavy snowfall, Mount Titlis offers an abundant bunch of activities you can involve yourself in.

In fact, before you even land up in the stunning ranges, you’re more than likely to be bombarded with a bunch of trip agents offering you discounted fares to activities that people usually enjoy at Mount Titlis Switzerland.

Don’t cringe already – some of these are actually pretty useful! But before you make up your mind about what Mount Titlis activities and tours you want to book, take a look at the options you have!

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visit Mt Titlis switzerland

Happiness- when you finally make it to Mt Titlis Switzerland


Cable cars run smoothly and efficiently up the peak – unless you’re caught in bad weather! The cable cars at the base are often available to book at the booking counters. And unless you’re in peak tourist season, you’re more than likely to manage a ticket soon enough.

visit mount titlis switzerland

Hop on a cable car and enjoy the scenic views

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The cable cars that you can ride up to the peak aren’t your usual cable cars: there are some innovative ones, like the rotating cable car, which claims to be the world’s first, and rotates it’s way up to a 3000-odd meters above sea level. You won’t miss a single view!

mount titlis switzerland

It’s beautiful up there! Just heavenly.

visit mount titlis switzerland

Rotating gondola ride

visit mount titlis switzerland

And gladly making friends all over the world

  1. Cliff Walk & Suspension Bridge

The Titlis Cliff Walk notoriously maintains it’s reputation for terrifying many. What with the 150-odd steps one must take to cross Europe’s highest suspension bridge!

Once you’re up there, however, a view into the freshly minted abyss (it almost perpetually snows up there!) and you’re good to complete the rest of the walk.

mt titlis switzerland

Sky Walk Suspension Bridge Titlis


If you thought cable cars were as venturesome the Swiss could get, think again. The ice flyer suspends you to ice cold winds stinging your face as you get what is arguably the most stunning view of the snow studded peaks around you!

With a seating capacity of between four and six people, you can choose to snuggle up with your loved ones as you take the plunge into this one-of-a-kind cable car. The Ice Flyer, adored by many, takes one directly to the nest most exciting place on the peak list- Glacier Park!

Visit mount titlis switzerland

Ice flyer for splendid snow views around


For the many daring ones amongst us, Glacier Cave offers something that promises to leave you breathless: amidst walls of glitzy snow on both sides, the snow cave takes you through a 150 meter- long tunnel through the Titlis glacier. What’s more, you don’t need to pay an entrance fee, and can take the talk through the tunnel at leisure!

6. Snow Park

Once you think you’re done doling out the dopamine, consider some amusement activities at Snow Park. From snowtubing to sit skiing, there’s a whole host of snow games awaiting you! The activities are safe and ensured. You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride after a day’s exploration!

Titlis Swiss

Yes, tt’s a lot more fun in the snow park

  1. Good Old Dose of Bollywood

Often dubbed Bollywood’s favourite peak, this is where a number of Bollywood flicks are shot, with the panoramic Alps playing silent witness to our Bollywood heroine and heroes’ midsummer frolicking.

So while you may not realise it but you’ve probably been on a visual tour of this pretty peak a bunch of times in those Bollywood masala flicks!

Visit Mt Titlis Switzerland

Needless to say by the end of the trip we were two happy souls

Needless to say by the end of the trip we were two happy souls

Now that you know what to look out for when you’re heading to the gorgeous range, we’d advise you with a word of caution: the Alps are no place to gamble your health.

Keep these things in mind before heading out, for a safe snow experience!

  • Wear comfortable waterproof shoes or boots for walking in snow.
  • Take sufficient woolen gear with you-like a thick winter jacket, a woolen cap, muffler, gloves and plenty of woolen socks. (P.S. Trudge up the pairs of socks you carry, and change them often, since wet feet can cause a lot of problems!)
  • Carry your goggles. The sun is harsh at higher altitudes, though you may not feel it due to the cold.
  • Lather on your sunscreen periodically for the same reasons!
  • It’s advisable to pack a lunch from the ground station or from Lucerne or Engelberg itself, since there aren’t many options up the mountain.
  • Also keep a water bottle with you, even if you think you won’t need it!
  • If you are prone to altitude sickness, carry your medicines with you and halt at each cable car station. Give yourself some time there to settle and adjust to the altitude. Once you do, move on to the next station that’s at a higher altitude.
  • From Engelberg, to embark on cable car journey to Mount Titlis you can get tickets on the official website. You can also get them from the ticket counter at the cable car station. Or, you can book a skip-the-line group ticket through viator or any standard tour operator. They hand you the tickets (at a little extra cost, of course) and let you have your day your way.
  • If you are with a kid then it’s important to check beforehand if you are eligible to take the ride up the mountain. Also, kids under 2 years of age are not allowed at such high altitudes.
  • There are some activities that you can do here like bike rental, skiing etc. You can rent skiing gears as well if you are adept at skiing, since there are no instructors available here.

We went in August and it was chilling cold up the mountains. So, I guess winter will get even more harsh. Also if weather is not supportive and heavy snowfall is happening the tours might get cancelled.

So, time your vacation accordingly. And remember that you must visit Mount Titlis Switzerland once in your life is where I’ll close this!



  1. Tara Pittman says:

    This is a perfect vacation for my boys as love adventure and snow. Me I would just sit back and watch as they walked that bridge

  2. Andrea says:

    the cable car had to be a blast and such a great way to enjoy the area and a different perspective and view. and yeah i bet it was perfect timing to go in august so that you could still do the activities.

  3. Rachel says:

    I would lovel ove love to visit here! Switzerland looks stunning and I bet the views are even more incredible in real life.Cable car looks so much fun!

  4. Sara Welch says:

    Switzerland looks like a very pretty travel destination. I am glad you two had such a nice experience!

  5. Anita says:

    That cliff walk seems like the scariest thing ever! You are so brave!

  6. Adaleta Avdić says:

    Look at that! Such a beautiful place to visit and the scenery is so amazing!

  7. Jessica Warr says:

    Oh that’s so beautiful I need to go!

  8. Berlin says:

    Switzerland is one of the places i would want to visit. I have heard so many great things about the place and.your post all the more excites me.

  9. Kiwi says:

    I bet it was so cold there! Great recap and I love the scenery and the attractions you were able to attend, but the cliff walk would make me nervous.

  10. Sam says:

    Wow Switzerland looks amazing! It’s definitely on our bucket list. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts!

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