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I peek through the little window of the aircraft and see the cotton candy clouds playing around in the deep blue sky. The horizon tugs at my heartstring and I want to keep glancing at the breathtaking vistas of this veritable paradise. The violet wing of  Vistara complements the entire scenery so well and am sure I am gonna travel in this gorgeous bird soon again!

We scoured the internet for best flights deals for Andaman for April travel, and luckily struck gold with Vistara’s special offer! As enthusiastic travelers, we are a sucker for all things shiny and pretty, and on the top of that, we had always wanted to fly in the airlines ever since its commencement in June 2014. Double whammy for us! Pretty late indeed, but we finally got the chance to fly with Vistara. 😉
And to say the least, our flying experience with the airlines 
topped all expectations, thanks to its first-rate services and warmest hospitality. 🙂 



Both of us love comfortable flights but there is nothing we hate more than unfriendly crew members. Fortunately, the crew members of Vistara had cheery smiles stuck on their faces all along the 5-hour journey.

The staff was so considerate and accommodating, which made a huge difference for us. In fact, the attendants got quite zesty when we told that we wanted to take a few pictures with them for our blog and share with our avid readers.


Vistara surprised us in many ways but more particularly bowled us over with their meticulously put together food menu. You get a healthy and interesting mix of cuisines packaged properly in biodegradable boxes. Kudos for that! Business class is served meals in fine linens and bone china tableware in the best Indian airlines.

#Interiors are pretty standard, though the seats are finely tailored and totally upto the mark. The ergonomically designed flight seats make for an experience that’s class-apart; surely something that we’ve not experienced in other domestic flights operating within India.


*The domestic airline, which was conceptualized as a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons, is headquartered at Gurgaon, in the National Capital Region. The airline has grown tremendously since, and last we heard, has a 2.3% share in the Indian domestic airline market.

*Although the carrier was envisaged with the vision to cater to the high-end business class in India, and was thus designed and planned differently from other carriers, it now functions as a full-service carrier that flies passengers to over eighteen destinations across the country. The primary fleet is made up of Airbus 320.

*The airline also has interline agreements with a number of aircraft carriers from around the world, including Air France, British Airways, SilkAir, Japan Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM, and Finnair. Vistara is all set to capture a larger market in India with its exceptional service and low flying costs.

In all honesty, on India’s most wonderful aircraft – the Vistara UK 747 – the journey felt as good as the destination.

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  1. Ambuj Saxena says:

    Thanks to this blog post is know which airline to fly with on my next leisure trip!

  2. The Spirited Sloth says:

    Those seats look really nice! I’ve been hearing about Vistara here and there online, but I haven’t had the pleasure of flying with them yet! I hope one day soon I get the chance!

  3. FS Page says:

    Vistara does look like whole lot more comfy than rest of the budget carriers in Indian markets. The food looks so yummy that it could be from a lovely restaurant and not a flight. I am glad you had this experience. Was just curious if your booking was sponsored by them?

  4. Suruchi says:

    I have been trying to fly with vistara since last year. But now your post and pictures have increased my urge. So surely gonna plan my next trip with them.

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