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At the beginning of every journey lies the much-dreaded question: what flight are we booking? Thankfully for us, Air Arabia made it much easier to decide, giving us a great price for our round trip to the Emirates. Our Air Arabia experience began from the booking portal itself- everything about the airline charmed us onboard and we excitedly booked our trip to Sharjah without any fuss. Although Air Arabia technically operates as a low-cost airline, it boasts of world-class amenities and super plush and classy interiors.

host of booking options greeted us at our booking page and we soon came to realize what makes Air Arabia special is its fairly customizable experience. From seat, meals to luggage and insurance, Air Arabia was our go-to when it came to having a hassle-free flight experience.

Air Arabia flight review

Easy check-in and swift boarding ensure great flying experience

Air Arabia review

Air Arabia flight review – New Delhi to Sharjah

*Sharjah is a short weekend getaway from Dubai so you can also plan accordingly.*


Once we jumped past our biggest hurdle – booking tickets, the journey seemed a lot more inviting than it hitherto did. We booked our seats in the first row both ways and were comfortable with enough legroom for ourselves, plus a little more for our bags. We were quite surprised at the space designated to each seat pitch- 32 inches – the most spacious I assume.

Having traveled all over the world, we found each seat designed for maximum comfort and were taken by surprise at how much Air Arabia seemed to value the space they provided flyers with! Granted that they fly to over 170 destinations in more than 50 countries, it seemed clear they put customer satisfaction at the top of their strategy. All this despite functioning as a so-called low-cost airline.

Air Arabia review

Awesome legroom is assured in Air Arabia Economy

Air Arabia review

Maximum comfort and extra legroom at tow


Our flight to Sharjah was a comfortable 3 and a half hour journey. It consisted of us napping, watching some fabulously curated shows on Sky TV, and gorging on some soulful Emirati delights. We were first served a piping hot portion of biryani spiced with the finest cardamom. There are plenty of meal options, so it really is up to you to make the most of your dinner aboard Air Arabia! A date bar accompanied the biryani. And we knew we were already in Emirati skies. Once we had munched our way through dinner, we decided a short nap would do us well- although the TV kept us hooked and we didn’t realise we were close to landing!

Air Arabia review

A delish meal onboard Air Arabia


The entire cabin crew was extremely courteous and helpful. They all seemed in good spirits. They enjoyed chatting with us every spare moment they got and seemed as excited as us about flying to Sharjah!  As our descent began, we could see the glittering city below, inviting and enchanting us to its mysterious depths. We already looked forward to our journey back to Delhi with Air Arabia!

Air Arabia review

A picture with the gracious Air Arabia crew members

Air Arabia Review

We were invited for a quick cockpit tour! Loved it.


Our flight back from Sharjah to New Delhi was solemn, to say the least- but Air Arabia had us in high spirits as soon as we took off. Weary from our departure and wanting to stay on a bit longer, we were hoping a cancellation or delay would spare us a few more hours in Sharjah but alas! Air Arabia is not known for delays. Our flight was bang on time! And we were up in the air just when we’d expected to be!

Air Arabia

A comfortable flight assured while sitting in the first row

Air Arabia flight experience

Our journey back to New Delhi was extremely gratifying

We were served scrumptious vegetarian biryani and a rich and indulgent date bar crafted from the finest dates of the season! We nestled ourselves back into our soft cushiony seats to enjoy a small nap.

Air Arabia was definitely one of the better airlines we’d flown in. Everything, from take-off to landing, was executed with just the finesse you’d expect of a luxury global airline. I’d highly recommend it to anyone plannign a trip from New Delhi to Sharjah. We’re already planning our trip back for a taste of the date bar!



  1. GiGi Eats says:

    That actually looks like a rather comfortable economy! I wouldn’t be upset with it!

  2. Oh wow, I love how this airline focuses on comfort. It’s important when you’re flying to feel comfortable

  3. Olya Amanova says:

    I do think the experience on a plane should be as pleasant as it is possible. The whole duration of the travel experience is tiresome) we can have some rest on a plane like that.

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