Holi Hai! Your Manual for Celebrating the Festival in India

HOli announces the advent of summer time in North India. It’s a time of fun, frolic and absolute exuberance marked by bright colours and the occasional splashes of water here and there. Though regional variations apply, as they do to any other festival, Holi manages to bring together people with delicious gujias, bhaang and lassi which is found throughout the country!
If you’re in India for the holi festival celebration, consider these four jammin’ places to visit for a rocking soiree!

Where to Head for a Rocking Holi in India!

Vrindavan, U. P.

If you want a super authentic Holi experience, head to this religiously fervent town in Uttar Pradesh. The birthplace of Lord Krishna, the Banke Bihari temple along with those devoted to Lord Krishna usually start Holi preparations weeks in advance! You can’t miss the loud chanting and scrumptious ghee delicacies here!

Holi, The Festival of Colors, India

Vrindavan holi


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Barsana, U. P.

Home to Radha, this is where Lord Krishna supposedly went to tease the young maiden and her friends. To chase them off, the women of Barsana often used sticks, a ritual they still comply with, to this day. What you’ll see: a bunch of women at their energetic best, showing off their skills at using a lathi. Eeks!

India holi festival celebration

Barsana Holi


Shantiniketan, West Bengal

This cultural hub in West Bengal hosts one of the most fascinating Holis you’ll ever witness in India. Inaugurated by Rabindranath Tagore, the Basant Utsav here is celebrated by the students of Vishva Bharti University who dress up in bright clothes and put up a cultural show for visitors.

India holi festival celebration

Shantiniketan, West Bengal Holi


Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

The Warrior Holi celebrated at Anandpur Sahib is a force to reckon with. Men dress up in matched outfits and put on a mock battle show. A highly energetic and forceful Holi, this!

India holi festival celebration

Hola Mohalla in Punjab


Some Do’s and Dont’s 

India holi festival celebration

Be good to animals


Do wear white if you are totally confident about it. Though I have my reservations about choosing the color because it becomes transparent after buckets of water being poured onto the bodies. And well in India, you will certainly grab way more attention than anticipated when wearing white. Still if you are confident about it, then go for it!

Don’t forget to put on the moisturizer. This has to be the first thing you gotta do before leaving your home on the holi day. And the best go-to moisturizer which would help avoid damage to your skin with all the colors drenching during the festivity is coconut oil. In fact apply coconut oil on your face as well as the body in generous quantity.

Do hydrate yourself properly. With all the running and yelling going on while celebrating holi festival in India, you are sure to get a bit dehydrated. Keep bottled water handy with you. And whenever you get time, don’t forget to gorge on pakoras and garam chai (Indian tea) !

Don’t leave the colors on yourself for too long. The color can stain due to sweating and can enter your eyes. More than that, if others aren’t using herbal colors then that can irritate your skin and even result in rashes, acne in worse case! So, head to the shower panel fast!

Do remain safe and protect your belongings. During holi festival celebration in India, people can get a bit rowdy (especially men). Be extremely careful and avoid going in areas where you see big groups of guys! Cases of groping and molesting are on a wee bit high during this time, which means you need to be extra-attentive about yourself and your surroundings. Don’t carry cash or anything that you might not want to ruin forever!

Don’t harm animals. It’s not fun to throw colors on dogs as the colors might irritate their skin and get them sick. You must not make your happiness a cause of suffering for poor animals.

How To Safegaurd Your Valuables? 

Before you go out to play holi, leave all things at your hotel or back in your car. If you want to carry a little money, make sure you put that in a waterproof case. For the cellphone too, carry a waterproof pouch, if you cannot avoid to leave it for the festivity.

Apart from everything, don’t forget to have fun during India holi festival celebration! Click many many holi photos and add colors to your life as well as social media walls. 😉

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India holi festival celebration

India holi festival celebration



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  • Reply nehan March 9, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Holi is my favorite festival since childhood. Unfortunately, I would rather not suggest people to go ahead and experience it in a mob, particularly in UP, especially for women. Since lately, molesters have started making the celebration an excuse to target women in these mobs.

  • Reply Inês Serôdio March 9, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    This is such an amazing tradition! I love the fact that everybody is enjoying themselves based on something ancient. In Portugal, they had an event similar. It was a 5k run where at every mile they would splash us with these powder colors. it was so much fun!

    Moi by Inês

  • Reply La Vida Viva Travel March 12, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Fantastic advice! I would love to be a part of this experience one day and will certainly follow these tips. Didn’t know that moisturiser was a must so good one!

  • Reply Neha March 14, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    The best time of the year-Holi and Diwali. Great list 🙂 Thanks!

  • Reply ArtByHeart March 16, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Holi has always been my favourite festival. I love picking out the colours and then heading out for the squares full of people covered in every colour imaginable and loosing myself into the madness. My favourite moment few years ago was when the temple elephant Raji threw some wonderful fragrant colour on me. What a blessing!

  • Reply Santanu Debnath April 13, 2017 at 2:18 am

    What a festival, simply amazing. One can enjoy like anything and specially on that day one can make anyone friend. India is amazing. 🙂

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