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Dubai is a city of glorious structures and shimmering lights! We made it to the glamorous city of sheiks – an emirate that boasts of ultra modern architecture, swanky cars, busy souks, luxury shopping, and fine mosques.

We were surely awestruck by the juxtaposition of old and new in the city. Contrary to the popular conception that Dubai is all about hopping from one shopping center to another, we tried to pack in a lot more activities and fun. Take a look at things to do in Dubai and experiences that’ll leave you craving for more!

#An Incredible Aerial View Of Dubai From Aircraft

Your fun starts right from the time you are flying over Dubai preparing for the landing time.

Benefits of sitting on the window seat.

things to do in dubai

Such a well-managed city


Watching the nightfall from a hotel room on the 18th floor (Damac Maison in Downtown) was totally gratifying:

things to do in dubai

The city of shimmering lights

The frontal view from our hotel gave us a pretty good glimpse of the Burj Khalifa:

things to do in dubai

The mighty Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai

# Spend a Day at the Gold Souk

Though we did Deira side of the creek on the last day, it was definitely amusing to wander aimlessly and people watch.

A leisurely walk chasing pleasant aroma of spices – you can meander the alleyways of the hard to miss spice souk and find everything from chili, saffron, cloves to ginger and turmeric. We picked up some chocolates and a box of local dates to take back home.

things to do in dubai

Sample the best quality Dates

things to do in dubai

A hub of spices, dry fruits, and chocolates

Strolling in the spice souks, we landed in the wider pathways of Gold Souk. I am not a big fan of gold jewelry, but it was good fun checking out all the garish necklaces in show windows. Who wears them and where?

things to do in dubai

An unseen range of gold jewelry

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All those who go shopping for gold in the souks should not go with a mindset of ‘bargaining’ as you’d be disappointed in that case. As the price of gold is figured by its weight, the retailer just negotiates a bit of the ‘make-price’, and that is it.

things to do in dubai

Dainty jewels like no other

Even though the souks are a bit noisy, they are permeated with a sense of serenity. They are chaotic but still quite colorful. Most of the streets look like this:

things to do in dubai

Deira and Bur Dubai streets look like this

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#Explore The Shopping Malls And Modern Souks

If just like me, you figured out that souks are not your cup of tea, you can get a sense of Arabian culture at the relatively modern souks. Add picking up some cute souvenir items from these souks on your list of things to do in Dubai.

things to do in dubai

Take home some souvenirs

I loved exploring the Madinat Jumeirah souk, which was near the Burj al Arab – an amazing Dubai attraction.

things to do in dubai

Not just a stunning hotel, the grandest one too – Burj Al Arab

#For The Love Of Sheesha (Hubbly Bubbly)

Harsh and I, both are extremely fond of sheesha and the best thing about Dubai is that its markets are jam-packed with sheesha bars. You may take home some sheeshas, for you wouldn’t get such great pieces anywhere else in the world.

A treat for the shisha lovers

things to do in dubai

A treat for the shisha lovers

#First Attempt At Arabic Tea

I loved the beautifully adorned teapots and their delicate cups – it made my first attempt at Arabic tea, enjoyable.

things to do in dubai

Arabic tea tastes good


An evening onboard Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina makes for a romantic experience.

things to do in Dubai - night cruise

Gazing at the starlit sky in Dhow Cruise

things to do in Dubai

A well-lit Dhow Cruise sailing on the blue waves of Dubai Marina

#The Thrill Of Sand Dune Bashing

The magnificent landscape of the inviting sands down the dunes of Arabia is spellbinding. I was least prepared for what sand dune bashing in Dubai had in store for me and the experience was just enthralling (Oasis Palm Tourism made all the arrangements).

The adrenaline rush through the challenging dunes as you trapeze up and down in your Toyota Land Cruisers can be felt all the time. It is certainly not for the squeamish at heart.

what to do in Dubai

A quick picture after dune bashing

dubai attractions

And one more in the sand

things to do in dubai

Harsh and his fetish for swanky cars

After dune bashing, we experienced the most amazing golden sunset on the camp. We dressed ourselves in  Arabic dresses and relished a delicious barbecue dinner under the starlit sky along with colorful Tanoura Dance – another one that must do in your list of things to do in Dubai.

things to do in dubai

The best sunset in the camp site

dubai attractions

Tried the traditional Arabian costume for the first time

#Catch The Sun’s Warmth At The Stretch Of Jumeirah Beach

things to do in dubai

The tranquil stretch of Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is almost always buzzing with activity – you need to see it to believe it. Head to the Jumeirah Beach and try to find yourself a quiet spot to relax and spend a lazy evening. Add this to your list of things to do in Dubai for you’ll always remember that sunset!



  1. Christine K says:

    I have been to Dubai and it is everything you say it is. I expected over-the-top excess and there is certainly that but I experienced so much more, like you. You did a great job of describing some of the great things to do there. Enjoyed reading about your experience.

  2. Great perspective. I keep thinking that Dubai is just their version of Vegas and therefore am always turned off by it. But the beaches, architecture, and of course sand dune bashing is right up my alley. May have to reconsider travelling there.

  3. Kate @ Love From Scotland says:

    I loved Dubai on my first visit, now I really have to go back! I loved the aquarium – they just do things bigger don’t they. I must admit we did a lot of lying by the pool and shopping, but we will be going back soon – thanks for the ideas!

  4. Sabrina says:

    Great post! I was in Dubai as the first stop of my long trip around the world. I was really impressed by this quirky city and the expat community there. Not sure I could move there (it’s too bloody hot!!!) but I will definitely visit again! 🙂

  5. Mike Cotton says:

    I can’t say Dubai is on my list of places to visit, but the photographs here are beautiful. It seems incredibly luxurious.

  6. Cristina says:

    I have to say that until recently, Dubai was not on my wish list. However, lately I have seen some great images of the life there and it’s starting to look appealing, and your post has definitely helped me. Love the sand pics btw :).

  7. Jared says:

    Wow Dubai looks like a beautiful place to have an adventure. Your photos are awesome too. I love the tower photo with it lit up at night. Dubai is on my list of destinations to go explore. Thank you for sharing and making me want to go there soon. Looks like an amazing experience.

  8. What a gorgeous city! You look amazing. I love the outfits! And the photos are absolutely stunning. Was it really hot? I hear that it is extremely hot there!

  9. John says:

    Dubai looks incredible! It has definitely been moving up my list of places to visit lately!

  10. Joe says:

    Well. I’m no party animal, but the nightlife scene in Ibiza is the stuff of legend so I imagine I would certainly check it out a couple of times if I visited. Good to know there are plenty of other things to see and do, including UNESCO heritage site in the town, and I’m sure there are few places in the world better to laze on a beach too. Definitely agree with you that Spain is a country to fall in love with 🙂

  11. Lydia@LifeUntraveled says:

    I had heard about Ibiza’s party scene but I had no idea there was so much more to it! Very interesting fact about their language – I love learning about local stuff like that.

  12. Ance Antovska says:

    Awesome photos Dubai looks like a must visit place. Enjoyed reading about your experience.

  13. Kristof says:

    I love how you captured your experience in Dubai! It seems like such an amazing city, would love to visit one day!

    • admin says:

      I am glad you liked reading our post, Kristof. Dubai is certainly a well-planned city that deserves to be visited. Make sure you send us photos from your trip. 🙂

  14. Addison Lee says:

    I Love Dubai. CIty Of Dreams

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