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We had a short and sweet trip to Jim Corbett National Park to end 2017 on a happy note! Known for its tiger reserve and magical landscape, our trip with Treebo Hotels to the Land of tigers made an indelible mark to the Wanderers Hub’s travel diaries! Who doesn’t love a good safari holiday?

We had a lot of fun because unlike the standard traveling, it had pinch of extraordinary escapade in it. If you are a nature lover then being to Jim Corbett National Park has to be on your list, for it is home to a lot of different animal species and also a habitat for resident & migratory birds!

Here is our curated list of what to keep in mind when going to Jim Corbett National Park –



Staying at Treebo The Tiger’s Pug Mark resort was the best decision we took! Away from the hustle-bustle, this resort was all-in-one package. Whether you are going with your family or with your better half, with your office colleagues or college friends, this resort is perfect for all. It gives you great experience at a budgeted and reasonable rate!

It has spacious rooms with all the basic facilities and add-on amenities. The property has big pool to plunge in on a sunny afternoon in Jim Corbett. The staff was very hospitable and served us with their food delicacies. It had spacious lawns in the arms of nature, big grounds to play light sports with friends and family.

What made Treebo The Tiger’s Pug Mark different from the rest was its separate hut like cottages. The warm ambience, eco-friendly accommodation did deliver a rejuvenating experience.

Tigers Pug Mark Resort near Jim Corbett National Park

Beautiful The Tigers Pug Property in Ramnagar

Where to stay in Corbett

Spending time in front of our cute cottage hut


Our ethics do not allow us to harm or ride animals so in any case we were not doing the elephant safari, which was clear from the word go. In fact we have written in length about how one needs to be a responsible traveler and must avoid riding animals at all.

As for jeep safari, there are different zones in Jim Corbett National Park like Dhikhala, Jhirna, Bijrani, Dhela, Durga Devi, and Sitabani Forest zone. Dhikala and Bijrani enjoy the  celebrity status amongst all the zones. Truly so, we have heard countless stories of fellow travellers having no luck at safari in zones other than Dhikhala and Bijrani.

Dhikhala – It is the largest zone of Jim Corbett National Park and is considered as the best zone for sighting a tiger. The zone remains open from 15th November to 15th June for open jeep safari tours. Other than spotting tigers, you can also spot wild elephants, deers, and pigs in this zone. Get your permits arranged a month in advance as the zone remains packed all the time.

Entry Gate: Dhangari Gate

Bijrani – It is an excellent tiger sighting territory with lush Sal forests and diversified flora at exhibit for the tourists. There are high chances of spotting wild beings such as deers, elephants, tigers, and monkeys. The zone remains open from 15th October to 15th June.

Entry Gate:  Amdanda Gate

Sitabani, Durga Devi and Jhirna – Locals usually refer to these zones as the landscape safari zones. Meaning you do not spot any wildlife but see beautiful landscapes. These zones are good for bird watching. These zones remain open from November through June end.


In contrast to the belief of not finding a tiger at the Corbett national park, we did spot two of them so yes, we can say we were lucky that day. We also saw a lot of different species of birds which is a rare sight in the Urban cities.

Jeep Safari was an enthralling experience because it seemed like we were on a hunt, a chase to find out a new world of living beings – animals in their natural habitat! It definitely reminded us of our days in Sri Lanka, especially the safari day at Udawalawe National Park.

Jeep Safari tour Corbett

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Into the dense in Jim Corbett

Tiger spotted Jim Corbett

Spotted a tiger hunting deer in Jim Corbett National Park

Tigers in Jim Corbett

Fierce one – hunting his prey

Deers in Corbett

We were pretty lucky that we spotted wildlife in galore

We were pretty lucky that we spotted wildlife in galore

Remember it is better a KISS -Keep it Short and Simple!

Do not carry excess of cash and keep confidential documents at a safer place, do not get over-excited and go beyond the limits so much so that it dangers the animal safety. Do carry your water-bottles because it is the saviour in the scorching heat of summers and in the drying winters.

If going from June-October then contact lens wearers can prefer spectacles over contact lens because of the dusty winds. If planning in December-February then brace yourself for chilly mornings and nights. Wear warm clothes and shoes. Carry binoculars. Cover yourself well for Jim Corbett National Park safari.

Apart from the conventional tiger sight-seeing there are other places to visit and things to do in Jim Corbett –


Corbett falls is an ideal destination and a perfect picnic spot in Jim Corbett. The scenic waterfall and the picturesque location captured our hearts! It is surrounded by dense forests where we could hear chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and melodious sound of waterfall. With natural beauty in abundance, Corbett falls were indeed serene and full of bliss.

Corbett Falls Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett Waterfall – surrounded by greens


The grandeur of the famous temple in Corbett – Garjiya Devi is inexpressible. Set amidst the river Kosi and on a huge rock it has been known for its auspiciousness. When we went there we could see a lot of tourists including the newlyweds who came to seek the blessings of goddess. You reach the temple after climbing a flight of stairs but devotees don’t get bothered because of the godsends.


Harsh and I have always loved walking down on calm roads in between the greenery and paradise like peace. So just like always we did find some time to just take a walk without all the gadgets and gizmos just to talk about life and its blessings!

Nainital Tourism

It’s so gorgeous all around – Uttarakhand at its best


– Don’t forget to try carry basic first aid box.

– Stay on your jeep during the safari within the designated area.

– Make sure you maintain a safe distance from all the animals. Do not feed or tease them.



  1. Marvi says:

    What an incredible vacation indeed! The hotel looks very comfortable. Love how the rooms are in the form of cottages.. Plus the places you’ve visited are beautiful!

    I’ve only seen tigers once (up close) and it was very exciting indeed! So cool that you were able to spot two of them. 🙂

  2. Unta says:

    Love your photos. Looks like such a unique place to visit!

  3. Agness of Fit Travelling says:

    Such a charming and astonishing place, Prerna and Harsh! Your pictures left me speechless. This park seems like a perfect place for a safari. What shouldn’t we miss when being there?

    • Prerna Harsh says:

      Hey Agness, thanks for your sweet words! Just make sure you obtain a permit for Dhikhala or Bijrani zone well in advance (say 30 days before the trip) as the likelihood of spotting tigers is more in these two regions. Last-minute planning won’t work. 🙂

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