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People wonder what it’ll feel like to be on their dream vacation. When I first landed at Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Maldives, excited as I was, I had not expected to be so overwhelmed with joy. I was ecstatic! The beauty of my surroundings took me by surprise and for a moment, I wondered if it was all a dream. Me? In the beautiful tropics? Was it for real? But soon, it sank in – I had finally arrived. And if my initial delight was anything to go by, the vacation at Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Maldives was surely going to be unforgettable. And it surely, one hundred percent, was…

See what our vacation in the surreal tropical island – Maldives – looks like.


There was no way we were going to stay in any place other than the signature overwater villa at Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort in Maldives. We had seen the magical photos of over-water villas, with azure water and dreamy charm, splashed all over the social sites. And to be honest – they’re as gorgeous as they look online.

On our arrival, we were greeted at the reception where we were immediately handed over the keys to our magical accommodationA wooden Pantone took us to the entrance of our over-water villa.

In the inside, a spacious bedroom with walk-in closet, flat-screen television, a bathroom with an oversized bathtub, follow on – all complemented with striking views over the Indian Ocean. You can shower to the tunes of little lapping waves, merrily kissing the slits of the villa. The little haven for a couple was incredibly private and featured a back staircase that took us to the back deck into the Indian Ocean. So from ordering delectable cuisines and mouthwatering cocktails in the villas to snorkeling solely on our discretion, we did it all!

And above everything – it is the world that is completely your own! You won’t bump into a lot of people. **Privacy Assured**

The majestic over-water villas we had always seen in the glossy magazines

The wooden overwater bungalows at Olhuveli

Endless pictures here at this gorgeous pantone because why not

The little haven for a couple was incredibly private and featured a back staircase that took us to the back deck into the Indian Ocean. So from ordering delectable cuisines and mouthwatering cocktails in the villas to snorkeling solely on our discretion, we did it all!

Day and night we indulged in the Maldivian sunshine and delighted in the live aquarium right in front of our eyes.

 Sun loungers on the wooden deck of our overwater villa

Spent so long just gawking at the underwater life

The swing point where we came to witness many magical sunsets


On the beachfront, by the poolside, over the ocean or in the privacy of your villa – you can easily satiate your appetite for amazing dining experiences in the tropical island.

There are numerous choices of gastronomic experiences assured that have been designed keeping in mind the vacationers on the island. We were on the full board Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort package which allowed us to enjoy lavish breakfast spreads, lunches, and well-lit dinners at the resort. You would benefit reading our Guide On Things To Know Before You Plan To Go To Maldives.

There is an option for visitors to book either full board package or half board package at Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort. Our suggestion – simply opt for the full board package without thinking twice. The MALDIVES is easily the most expensive island destination in the world so much that a can of coke here would cost 6 USD. So, have your choices clear! In fact the fun of dining at the various Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort restaurants is sure not to be missed.

There were different, unique settings where we had food during our stay. The restaurants at Olhuveli included Sunset Restaurant, Lagoon Restaurant, The Four Spices, and The Plankton Grill. What makes dining more enjoyable is the caress of gentle breezes as well as comforting vistas across the Indian Ocean.

The Lagoon Restaurant

Our favorite – The Sunset Restaurant


Acknowledging the fact that we were at the Olhuveli Beach Resort and Spa Male for my birthday celebration and our first anniversary, the hotel staff made it a point to provide us with the best holiday experience ever. We had made arrangements for 2nights beach villa and 2nights water villa accommodation, but on our arrival, we were upgraded to a 4 nights overwater villa option. Yay! (Perhaps, asking the staff for availability never hurts especially if it could save you hundred thousand dollars)

For my birthday, special bed decorations with a cake in the center and a champagne bottle were provided, which we thoroughly enjoyed! Imagine, you are in a dreamy location and every stranger (who no more was a stranger) wished me on my day!

On our anniversary, we were informed about a special dinner being held especially for us in the resort’s private cabana at the Plankton Grill Restaurant! Ah! If that was not enough, a guitarist even played for us, and I swear my happiness knew no bounds. This was perhaps the best a resort could have done and Olhuveli passed with flying colors.

Fun with the gracious staff members at Olhuveli Male

Spa is a serious business at Olhuveli Beach Resort Maldives

The staff was quite interactive and they used to make us feel at peace. Since their restaurants were usually stashed with non-veg items, they took efforts to prepare vegetable curries and Indian food just for us! This gesture really made this resort a bit closer to my heart.

My most favorite part of the entire resort was the infinity pool just near the Plankton Grill where we used to dip day and night overlooking the tropical oceans. *Sheer Bliss*

Sunset at the Infinity Pool

Beautiful mornings at Infinity pool of Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Maldives

Maldives sunsets


If you are planning a vacation for a week or more, it is best to be well-prepared for the same. For honeymooners, the island is a delight but it can get boring after a certain point of time for them to remain in the same place and stay into the water all time. I remember my friend telling me about her honeymoon experience in Maldives and how she didn’t enjoy it much as she had to stay in the same place for so long. Well, That is the reason why I always tell my friends asking for suggestions for planning a honeymoon in Maldives to be sure if they want to gawk into the amazing views for a long time and enjoy the striking waters.

Maldives is not a ‘Vegas’ or ‘Bali’, where you could expect too much of entertainment. It is a quiet island where you should sit and enjoy being cut away from the rest of the world in your own sweet corner. And trust me, you are not going to get the same environment anywhere else in the world. To top it, Maldives is a paradise for water babies. They can snorkel, scuba dive, swim, and enjoy really long time in pristine, emerald green waters, day and night.

It’ll be good if honeymooners carry a lot of romantic movies, DVDs, and books to read along with them. There’s nothing better than sitting in your private corner and reading a nice novel.

Shopping in Maldives is only possible if there is a shopping center built in your personal resort – if not – you’ll have to take a boat to go to the Male City, which is not going to be cost-effective at all.

Daily cruises operate from Maldives resorts (again this is subjected to each resort) for dolphin watching trips or visit to the nearby island. Again, it is ideal to take an all-inclusive holiday package in Maldives. That will include all activities, else the price is going to go further high.


  • You come prepared to shell out a lot of dollars when living in luxurious resorts. These are crazy expensive. A night in one of the gorgeous over-water bungalows would cost over $400. So for the budget travelers to Maldives, it is best to consider a homestay in one of the islands or look for a cheaper hotel.
  • Bring your snorkeling gear as the ocean waits for you and so does its underwater marine life.
  • A round trip speedboat transfer per person would be around $170 for Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Maldives; could be more for resorts that are far from the airport. Avoid seaplanes if you are on a budget trip to Maldives.
  • The real budget killer happens to be alcohol as you cannot import any into the country. And buying it from the resorts is going to cost you a bomb! Imagine a pint of beer is available for $8. Whoosh!
  • If you haven’t taken an all-inclusive holiday, then you’ll have to pay additional 10% service charge and 8 % Goods and Services Tax. Thankfully, we had booked a full-board package of Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Maldives, which included all taxes.


In my opinion, low season is the ideal time to go to. December through April remains the high season in Maldives, and this is when most tourists prefer visiting the country. But if you want to fetch a good deal, low season wouldn’t be a bad deal either. Just stay safe and plan for a trip between April – May. I’ve heard islands remain extremely quiet during August and September.

During the high season, the prices of Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Maldives rooms increase drastically.

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