When in Havelock: You Gotta Eat at Anju Coco


For travelers, devouring local cuisines is usually one of the most important things to look forward to. My heart sinks when I hear fellow travel bloggers sharing their experiences about trying crabs in Krabi or digging into a bowl of pig’s intestines in Italy. 🙁

If you are a regular reader of Wanderers Hub & a part of our family on Instagram, you must have realized by now that both of us are vegetarians. Thankfully, we have always been able to find out insanely tasty veggie food in every part of the world. Every single time we are in a new place, we are indecisive if we should buy food from a local grocery store or not: Is that packet MEAT FREE? Errrr!!!  Yes, every damn single time!

So, days before a trip, are spent not just deciding what to wear and what to put on our itinerary, but also where to eat!! 😮

When we were in Havelock two weeks back, we spent our time discovering the beautiful island and going out for long walks (Read really long). That is when we discovered this cute, little cafe, Anju Coco, located between Beach no. 3 and beach no. 5. And this cafe is too inviting to miss. On our first visit to Anju Coco, a rustically designed cafe in Andaman’s Havelock Island, we were greeted smilingly by every single person working there. The staff is extra attentive to your culinary needs and puts visitors at ease with their hospitality.

best restaurants in havelock

Rustic interiors we love

best restaurants in havelock

There’s an amazing vibe to Anju Coco that’ll make you a fan

best restaurants in havelock

When we went for dinner, it was almost empty

Anju Coco is definitely the most popular restaurants in Havelock with its menu having an eclectic variety of Indian, Israeli and Chinese cuisines. Order just about anything in this cafe and be ready to be amazed! What more, I finally found some good coffee, besides scrumptious South Indian meal (bliss) that really made me want to cry (pun intended)! 🙂

best restaurants in havelock

South Indian Platter aye!

You must drop in at Anju Coco for a divine food experience (even you, veggies). You Must! Period!

Author: Prerna

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