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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Wanderers Hub and we truly value you stopping by to read our posts.

Are you one of those who has a keen yearning to travel and explore the unexplored corners of the world? Are you stuck in the vicious daily lifecycle and are just looking for a moment of peace – some time reserved just for yourself?

Maybe some languid hours all to yourself while you sip wine and enjoy a glorious sunset in the Himalayas at the same time swaying to the melodies of chirping birds around!

Maybe something more than just the usual getaways – doing road trips in India, trekking to Tiger Nest Bhutan, snorkeling in Maldivian waters or going for some spiritual voyages for self-discovery – like we did or intend to do.

To each one his own. It is difficult to put into words what travel means to each one of us and how it refreshes our soul.

But one thing we all truly can agree on is that travel lets us be ourselves, leaving pretentions aside, it gives each one of us a sense of freedom and ownership. Travel has THERAPEUTIC benefits and no one can disagree. When we travel, we tend to forget all our worries and leave behind all the anxities.

A fancy-free world that traveling assures is the biggest motivation. Moreover, you get a chance to share your amazing stories with others and have a laugh or two about it!

We relate to you!

Traveling is one thing that truly connects us with each other. We have been traveling on-and-off since we got married back in 2015, and ever since our wanderlust has just grown.

We went for our first international trip together to Barcelona and Ibiza and realized pretty quickly that what we had lived together in those couple of days was eternal. We wanted to go for the next trip quickly once we were back and there has been no stopping ever since!

But reality check! We are two responsible souls – a family back at home that loves us and we love them back. Perhaps this is one prime reason we can’t afford to travel full-time right at the moment.

BUT we have a plan. We are not going to stop; in fact we are going to travel as much as possible and may be in a year, two or may be three – we’ll just pack our bags and leave for an indefinite time. 🙂 SO for now, we are going to take it slow and enjoy the views wherever we go.

Who are we?

We are Prerna and Harsh, travel bloggers from India who manage this blog despite the full-time work life. 

Traveling turned into our favorite  and became something which is an inseparable part of our lives. Our plan is to visit the less explored places, travel slow, get taste of the local life, and tick big adventures off our bucketlist.

It’s out of sheer love for travel and sharing our stories that we started ‘Wanderers Hub’. We intend to motivate our friends and readers to forgo their daily struggles sometimes and come out of the protected lives to explore the world.

We constantly itch to travel more, travel to places which we haven’t (which are of course too many), and see all those nifty corners that have hidden rumblings and stories waiting for us to be heard.

The blogposts are crafted with lots of love, passion, and time. We spend hours and hours to put our thoughts into words, edit pictures, and arrange everything together to finally share it with you all.

We want to encourage all the couples and solo travelers to travel despite the hardships of daily lives, plan holidays as and when possible, and manage funds to explore more.

Here’s little bit more about me and Harsh:



I am a post graduate in mass communication (Journalism) from the I.P University. I tried my hands at event management, graphic designing, and fashion designing in the chronological order before finally realizing that I am indeed meant to be a writer.

I do what I want and not what I am told. I am a daydreamer and I love everything mushy – be it romantic dates, romantic novels, kisses, movies or cuddles. Apart from all this, I am the writer of this blog and I love my work. When I am not traveling, I spend tending to demands of Harsh (which include shopping for him, giving him a head massage, and letting him sleep in peace 🙂 )



I am an electronic engineer by profession and I love traveling the most. Most of my time goes in resisting assaults thrown by Prerna regarding the proper functioning of this website.

I love photography and most of the pictures on the blog are taken by me. It is quite difficult for me to stay in the same place for a long time (half an hour at max) especially home. On weekdays or even weekends, you’d most likely find me drinking beer in a lounge, bowling at the Ambience Mall Gurgaon, or driving around Delhi. When I am not traveling, I spend time tending to demands of Prerna (which include making good food for her, doing the laundry, playing crosswords, and acting as romantic Romeo 🙂 )

What we like?

  • Wandering with the purpose to give meaning to our lives
  • Exotic locations and pretty sunsets
  • Luxury trips (who doesn’t like that)
  • Drinking coffee (strong, more strong)
  • Road trips (on really long routes)
  • Interacting with fellow travelers and local people
  • Planning itineraries for our upcoming trips together
  • Living in secluded places (the reason we plan tours in off seasons 😀 )

And what we don’t like…

  • Traveling around with big suitcases
  • Not knowing the native language 🙁
  • Arranging our travel documents and that wait for the visa approval

First time at Wanderers Hub? 

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  • Reply Shilpa khanna June 4, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Love dis site….

    • Reply admin September 19, 2016 at 1:18 pm

      Thank you, Shilpa 🙂

  • Reply Vipul March 24, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Your site projects only positive and happy vibes. It’s worth spending time over here 🙂

    • Reply admin May 3, 2017 at 12:58 pm

      Really happy to hear that, Vipul. Welcome to Wanderers Hub 🙂

  • Reply Liebster Award • What Ali SeesWhat Ali Sees April 2, 2017 at 10:15 am

    […] taste of the local life, and tick big adventures off their bucketlist. Be sure to check out their blog, and be inspired by their passion for travel. You can really see how much are and effort they put […]

  • Reply shekhar November 10, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    love this site they have some great tips for travelling keep up the good work 🙂

    • Reply admin November 18, 2017 at 6:48 pm

      Thanks for always being so positive and encouraging 🙂

  • Reply Kiran T November 16, 2017 at 6:23 am

    Hi, Nice blog.
    Self and family are planing a road trip to Bhutan in Dec.Fly to Bagdogra and then drive from there.Your itenary really helps.
    Have a few questions though;
    1.Is Dec the right time to travel to Bhutan (Dec 18 to 25), any idea on how the weather would be during this time of the year.
    2.Any contacts of travel agents/drivers through whom we can book a vehicle for the road trip .We are 6 adults and 3 kids.
    3.I guess on the Day of arrival at Bagdogra, we cant reach Timphu.We need to rest at the border and get permits and then hit the road next day.
    4.Is accommodation easily available at the border where we need to stay for getting permits.

    Thank You

    • Reply admin November 18, 2017 at 6:47 pm

      Hi Kiran,
      Welcome to Wanderers Hub. We are glad to know that you like our blog. Coming to planning for Bhutan:
      1. Lonely Planet suggests December comes under the shoulder season bracket which means it’s still a good time to take a trip with family. When we were there in October, the weather kinda got chilly in the evenings. So, I’d suggest you pack accordingly.
      2. We do have contact number of the driver who showed us Bhutan and the various attractions and he is quite reliable. His contact number is +97517491160.
      3. With kids, we’d definitely recommend that you break your trip and stay in Jaigaon i.e. near the border. Jaigaon is 2 hours drive from Bagdogra and then from there further 5 hours journey to Thimphu once you get your permits in order (which is fairly easy). The permit can be easily taken from Phuentsholing which is the other side of the border (5 minutes walk from Jaigaon). Read about accommodation, permits, etc. here: http://www.wanderershub.com/planning-your-first-trip-to-bhutan-a-comprehensive-guide/
      4. Accommodation near the border shouldn’t be much of a problem. 🙂
      Hope you are able to plan your trip with the information provided.

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