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 Wurzburg is nestled among gorgeous vineyards in the much-celebrated Franconian region in Bavaria. On either side of its Main River lies a palace – to the right is the Wurzburg Residence, listed by UNESCO for having the largest fresco in the world. To the left is the Marienburg Fortress, which used to be the residence of Prince-Bishops before the 18th century. We were regular visitors to this magical little city as it was an hour or so train ride away from where we were staying in Germany. I, especially loved Wurbuzg for the multitude shopping opportunities it offered & Alte Mainbrücke. Alte Mainbrücke is the famous old bridge in Wurzburg where people gather to enjoy wine in the most zesty way.

The striking elements of French, Italian, and Viennese architecture to be found in Wurzburg convey the zeitgeist of its generation well, all the while imparting a sense of its richness through the range of paintings, tapestries, and ornaments displayed within the palaces. Wurzburg’s unique charm rests in its quaint yet welcoming atmosphere.

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Best Things to do in Wurzburg Germany

If you find yourself in this stunning German town, make sure these things are on your to-do list!

1. Visit the Residence

The luxurious Residence (also called Würzburger Residenz ) is one of its kind, having been built nearly entirely through the course of a single generation. The palace’s 40 rooms are all built with significant influences by French chateau styles, and Viennese baroque architecture. Aficionados of art and architecture would have a field day here, trying to identify elements of northern Italian art in the Residence’s intricate design. A fully guided tour will take you through the palace’s numerous tapestries, paintings, and frescos retelling significant events so you don’t miss out on anything!

Würzburger Residenz’s completion took almost 60 years. I’d recommend a tour of the Room of Mirrors to everyone as it’s so beautiful. You’ll be blown away by the opulence and sheer detailing of this mirror world.

Address: Residence Place 2 · 97070 Wuerzburg

Wurzburg Germany

Würzburger Residenz looks majestic during the summers.

2. Check Out Marienburg

Marienburg fortress was commissioned to be built in 704 AD, with the original plan demarcating an elaborate church to be built. Later, however, fortifications were erected around the main structure- which were attacked and damaged during the wars of the 17th and 18th century. Nevertheless, the tours are a good place to start learning about the encompassing history of the place. I would recommend everyone to put visiting Marienburg Fortress on their list of places to visit in Wurzburg, Germany. You can take some nice pictures of this Fortress from Alte Mainbrücke if you do not have much time to visit the castle.

Address: Marienberg, No. 240 · 97082 Würzburg

Wurzburg Germany

Marienburg Fortress is a must visit when in Wurzburg Germany.

3. Catch a LOVELY Sunset at Alte Mainbrücke

The old Main bridge sits in the midst of the river Main and is considered one of Germany’s oldest surviving stone bridges. Of course, having been restored from its earlier more deplorable state, the bridge now stands tall and offers a bird’s eye view of the town. This pedestrianized bridge that is is 607 feet (185 meters) long is decked up with 12 statues of saints. You can enjoy striking views of Marienberg Fortress from this bridge.

It looks quite similar to the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. I found this bridge personally my favorite spot in Wurzburg as it had a very chill vibe. A lot of tourists can be seen cheering and sipping on wine, listening to buskers here. If you feel a little hungry after gulping down all that wine, you can visit a superb pizza place called Locanda.

Wurzburg Germany

Alte Mainbrücke is always packed with crowds.

Wurzburg Germany

Let’s toast to a good life.

4. Shop at Market Square

The Market Square offers a very unique European market experience- everything from fresh flowers to wine and keepsakes can be sound here. Make sure to splurge on the town’s specialties – sausages!

I loved strolling about at the historic Square and it was easy to find a range of fruits, candies, cheeses and flower at the outdoor kiosks here. The area is full of life and bustling with energy all the time. You can sit in an outdoor cafe, enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to live music all while enjoying the striking architecture around. While in this area, make a quick stop at Marienkapelle. It is a stunning red chapel that was constructed in the Gothic style in the 1400s.

Address: Marktplatz 30 · 97070 Würzburg

Wurzburg Germany

Wurzburg is colorful and bustling with so much energy all the time.

Wurzburg Germany

You’ll encounter so much history and beauty while walking down the Market Square.

things to do in Wurzburg Germany

The gorgeous Market Square of Wurzburg Germany

Wurzburg Germany

The bustling market Square of Wurzburg Germany

5. Hike the Wine Trail

Wurzburg’s Wine Trail is a scenic view up a plush hill, made up nearly entirely of vineyards. I’d suggest visiting Würzburger Stein that is situated on a hill overlooking the Main river outside Würzburg. Wines with higher mineralization can be harvested in this wine region and this makes it popular in the whole Franconian region.

Summertime is the best season to visit, as the weather allows for a lot of walking which may not be possible during the winter.

6. Chill at Veggie Bros

We had our lunch at Veggie Bros and really enjoyed a hearty meal. You get all things vegetarian and delectable here. The staff is really nice and falafels are big enough for one’s appetite. Don’t expect a lot in terms of the ambiance but the environment is really nice.

7. Hike to Kappele Church Wurzburg

Located high above the main river, one must take a long steep hike to this gorgeous Church remarked for its baroque architecture. It is a popular pilgrimage place with stunning interiors and a striking charm. Climbing all those stairs dotted with trees were all worth it once we reached the top. You are treated to an insanely gorgeous view of the city and the Fortress Marienberg from the above.

Address: Spittelbergweg 21, 97082 Wurzburg, Bavaria, Germany

Wurzburg Germany

Kappele Church is simply beautiful and a must visit.

things to do in Wurzburg Germany

The hike to Kappele Church is long and steep but so worth it.

Wurzburg Germany

View from the top

Wurzburg Christmas Markets

Bavarian Christmas markets are magical to say the least. And WURZBURG Christmas market is no less. In fact, it is one of the most stunning Christmas markets of Germany that takes place in front of the historic Falkenhaus. The romantic backdrop of Marienkapelle and Baroque architecture of the city lights up during the Christmas time.

Wurzburg Germany

Everything looks magical in Wurzburg during the Christmas time.

Best Hotels in Wurzburg Germany

Wurzburg offers tourists a great start to the Romantic Road. There are a lot of nice and interesting hotels to stay in the city depending on your budget and taste. From affordable hostels to luxury hotels, you can find it all in Wurzburg.

Good hotels to stay near the City Centre in Wurzburg

I would suggest you choose to stay at the following hotels in Wurzburg if you wish to be in the centre of the city.

Dorint Hotel Würzburg – Dorint is a 4 star hotel located in the heart of this Baroque city. This beautiful hotel is an easy walk from the Wuerzburg Residence and Wuerzburg Cathedral. It features 158 AC rooms, 2 restaurants, an indoor pool, spa tub, a fitness centre, sauna facility and a lot of recreational activities. It is indeed one of the best hotels in Wurzburg.

Hotel Franziskaner – Choose to stay in the heart of the University town by booking an accommodation at Hotel Franziskaner. This 3-star hotel is near the Residenz, cathedral and university & an easy 15-minute walk from Wurzburg Central train station.

Hotel Würzburger Hof – Enjoy the old town charm by choosing to stay in the heart of Wurzburg at Hotel Würzburger Hof. The train station is about 500m away. All the rooms are spacious and tastefully designed to cater the taste & needs of business & leisure travelers.

Greifensteiner Hof – Feel at home by booking your stay at the hotel with 100 years of golden legacy – Greifensteiner Hof. The location of the hotel puts you in the centre of everything and you can make the most of your holiday in Wurzburg. It features 49 rooms, a buffet breakfast, and a wine cellar.


Luxury hotels to stay in Wurzburg

Planning to splurge on accommodation when in Wurzburg, Germany? Here are a few options of Wurzburg hotels that you can consider:

Best Western Premier Hotel Rebstock – It is a premium 4-star hotel in Wurzburg that’ll station you in the city center itself. It offers 72 rooms,  espresso makers, a restaurant, and well-sought pillow menu.

Pro Tip: Invest in a Bayern card if you wish to explore Bavarian cities like Wurzburg and Rothenburg. This card can help you save a lot of money on traveling in this region. It is valid on regional trains, trams as well as buses.



  • Laura G

    December 15, 2019

    Würzburg is such a pretty town! We ate at an Indian restaurant there, which was so so good!! We need to go back!

  • Candace Hampton

    December 15, 2019

    A lot of things to do in Würzburg! It’s such a nice place. Number 1 is my favorite. So impressive and beautiful!!!

  • December 17, 2019

    This place looks so beautiful!You are so lucky to see all these wonderful places!Good luck!

  • EG III

    December 18, 2019

    Thank you for highlighting another hidden gem. I’m all about finding underrated destinations and Würzburg fits the bill perfectly. As I was reading, I thought to myself “they probably have some great Christmas markets there” so I was happy to see that highlighted as well 🙂

  • December 20, 2019

    This is such an Amazing place beautiful Architecture, breathtaking views and your pictures are awesome. This is such perfect destination.

  • December 20, 2019

    This is such an Amazing place beautiful Architecture, breathtaking views and your pictures are awesome. This is such a perfect destination.

  • February 27, 2020

    What’s not to like about a hidden gem such as this place? I also loved the bustling market and loved the friendly locals.


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