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Think Ladakh, think Leh and think of experiencing the magic of Leh away from the touristy crowds! What perhaps comes to your mind is a cozy little stay that gives you the views to perfect sunrises. And the option to explore the region, its culture, traditions and cuisine with the help of a friendly local family. Well, all of this and more is what the Silver Cloud Ladakh Hotel offers.

Combining the coziness of a homestay with the comfort of a hotel and its variety of rooms, the Silver Cloud Hotel ticks all the right boxes whether you’re a hardened biker/trekker or a hardworking 9-to-5 office-goer looking for a peaceful escape!

A Practical One Week Leh Ladakh Road Trip Itinerary

Silver Cloud Ladakh

Fun time at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Silver Cloud Ladakh

Views so pretty you don’t want to leave the window

Silver Cloud Ladakh

So many opportunities to relax and rejuvenate at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Location of Silver Cloud Ladakh

For me, the location of this hotel was just perfect as a base from where I could venture out and explore all the must-see sights of Leh. I could take a 15 to 20 minute walk to the center of Leh and enjoy its hustle and bustle when the mood suited me. And when I wanted to retreat to my peaceful sanctum sanctorum (our deluxe room), I could get back without any hassle. The icing on the cake perhaps was that the owners, Stanzin and his family, were super helpful and gracious. They were ever willing to help in organizing stuff like inner route permissions, treks and tours within Ladakh, etc.

Silver Cloud Hotel

The beautiful Silver Cloud Hotel

Silver Cloud Ladakh

It’s so pretty anywhere you look

Silver Cloud Ladakh sitting area

The gorgeous Ladakhi sitting area at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Amenities & Facilities at Silver Cloud Ladakh

The rooms were done up in traditional Ladakhi style with beautiful wooden lattices and beams and furniture that complemented the setup – exactly the kind that you have in mind when you’re visiting Ladakh! The view from our room was panoramic and made it possible to enjoy, both, amazing sunrises and spectacular sunsets that Leh is famous for.

Cuddling up to my partner as the sun set below the horizon gave me that “happily forever after” feeling. And I found myself thinking what’s life devoid of moments like these… Of course, it goes without saying that epiphanies like these come only when you’re cozy and comfortable in your settings. We visited in April, when the temperatures can get freezing cold. And so we were more than thankful for amenities like central heating and hot water supply 24×7 (not very common in Leh) and plenty of tea/coffee to go around.

Silver Cloud Ladakh room

Deluxe room at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Silver Cloud Ladakh

Afternoon tea and bread make everything better.

Silver Cloud Ladakh deluxe room

Our cozy deluxe room at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Dining Room in Silver Cloud Ladakh

What’s more, the hosts laid out healthy, scrumptious Ladakhi style meals in the cutesy dining room that warmed the cockles of our heart! We were amazed to find out that the meals were cooked primarily with veggies grown at the property itself! Every morning waking up to the smell of Ladakhi meals and enjoying scrumptious breakfast at the cutest dining area set the right tone for the entire day.

Silver Cloud Ladakh dining room

Ladakhi dining room at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Deluxe Rooms at Silver Cloud Ladakh

Though this hotel has something for every budget, its deluxe rooms are well worth the extra that we paid. The views, the size and the comfort of the rooms made our stay in Leh a real pleasure though we visited in the off season. Happy with the free upgrade for all three nights we stayed there! The owner asked us if we’d like to check out their Spacious Room that not only boasted extra space but also overlooked Himalayan ranges. The room was spacious indeed and could well accommodate 3 beds. Just perfect for those family trips or for cousins bonding as they discuss their adventure trip!

And when it was time to leave, we found ourselves dragging our footsteps even as the cab waited to take us to the airport. We were especially touched by the way the owners bid us adieu. We’ll certainly be back to recapture the magic we felt at Leh and Silver Cloud!


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