Choosing A Holiday Spot? #MakeTheRightChoice

Going on a holiday is something we all look forward to. Who doesn’t want to chill, unwind and have fun at some far-off lovely location? But the planning – well, that’s not so much fun, is it? There’s a ton of decisions you have to make – where do you go? with whom? how much should you spend? And so on. In fact, the hunt for the perfect holiday spot is quite a task in itself. So how do you go about it? A combination of logic and prudence. Ask yourself the following questions and the decision will soon be made.

Right now we are confused about choosing a destination for our next break and we are finding these points are actually helping us:

  1. What’s The Purpose?

What do you want to do on holiday? If your purpose is to relax, laze about and sleep in, a quieter, less crowded place would be better. If you want to sightsee, shop and do all the typical touristy things, a more mainstream vacation spot would be better. And if you’re an adrenaline junkie, start looking for places where you can jump off of cliffs, dive into the sea or go trekking, biking and so on.

  1. What’s The Budget?

How much you’re willing to spend also restricts the number of viable options. For some people, if the expenditure is not an issue, the world is their oyster. If that’s not the case – and it usually isn’t for most ordinary people – well, get your calculators out! Determine the travel and lodging costs for all places you’re considering and then narrow your focus to only those which are financially suitable.

  1. How’s The Weather?

There’s no point in going to a place where the weather is worse than your hometown. Better to vacation somewhere you can enjoy better surroundings and climatic conditions. Also, have a look at the weather forecast for the locations you’re interested in. Is it going to rainy, snowy or too terribly hot? Think about how your plans may be aided/hampered by the ambient weather and choose accordingly.

  1. How Far Away Is It?

Some holiday spots may be close to your home while others may require a significant amount of traveling. You could drive down to the nearby places but if it’s a distant location, you’ll have to book a train, flight, tourist bus or cab. Some of the latter options necessitate prior booking or the ticketing may be too expensive (or impossible, if everything is booked). Think about whether you want to spend time and money traveling or take on the hassles of a road trip.

  1. How Much Time Do You Have?

Finally, keep in mind, the number of days you have to vacation. If it’s a short weekend or 2-3 days, go to places you can cover in lesser time. Short treks and adventure sports are a good idea when the time is limited. On the other hand, if you have a week or so to roam about, think about places where there are many avenues to explore. Bigger tourist spots where you want to sample everything – from the food to the culture to the tourist sites – those you should reserve for longer vacations.

Okay, I’ve definitely rounded up my theory on how you should go about choosing the ideal vacation spot, but yes, it is not an easy decision. I have been lurking over a few holiday spots myself, but every time I am about to land onto a decision, another choice comes forth. Have been back from a family holiday in Dubai, and am already ready to go for another. (Suggested Read: Off-beat trip to Dubai)

Probably, a quiet vacation on a quaint, little hill-station, away from the humdrum of busy city life, would make for a great holiday! What do you suggest?


Do you have some ideas about places we can visit in the periphery of India?



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