Items You Forget To Pack When Traveling Overseas

For many, it can be a toothbrush. For some, it could be a mobile phone charger. Traveling requires that you carry your essentials with you, so as to avoid any unnecessary drama where you should be putting your feet up and relaxing. Thankfully toothbrushes are relatively versatile and easy to come by in most parts of the world, but you could really regret not carrying your electrical adapter with you.

I have been a careless traveler myself; in fact when it comes to packing, I leave it to Harsh. (And I must tell you he’s so good at it 😉 ) Just to make sure you are covered and have all the required stuff when going on an internation tour, we’ve put down a list of items that we tend to forget carrying usually. And really, this puts us in a lot of trouble! Here’s a list of essential items you cannot afford to forget when traveling overseas:

Don’t Forget The Backup Power

Power banks are perhaps THE most important electrical accessory you could have on you. Whether for your camera, mobile phone or Kindle, backup power can always come in handy during your overseas travel, so make sure you remember to pack a good one.

 power banks

You just can’t do without power banks



Ziplocs should be your must-have international travel oddity. Basically, good plastic bags, preferably with the option of long lasting seals, should be on your list. These come in handy to pack food and store perishables like electrical adapters.  No matter how many of these you keep in your luggage bag, you’ll end up using each one of it when traveling overseas.


Ziplocs can be your saviors


Take Along Passport Photocopies

Losing a passport while on a vacation overseas is probably a traveler’s WORST fear. Get photocopies of your passport. Always carry extras to make sure it’s easier to get your embassy to help you out. Better, if you can keep a photocopy of your passport with your friend back at home.

Passport copies

Do not miss out carrying passport copies


Be Safe With Small Locks

A small lock can buy you a lot of peace of mind, and even a good one barely costs anything. Use it to safeguard your bags with valuables – a little safety never hurts anyone, eh? You could lock your hostel locker on an overseas trip and enjoy all the exploration!

small locks

Small locks can keep you guarded


Can’t Do Without Toiletries

Sure, most hotels provide you with essential toiletries, but it could be a task to find your brand of sunscreen while on an overseas trip. So try to carry all your toiletries you might need – from sunscreen to deodorant and avoid running around to look for chemists that might stock the same.


Don’t forget toiletries


You could also carry confirmation print outs of your bookings at hotel/inns, in case you have trouble with your smartphone. Other stuff you may want to pack when traveling overseas is customizable. Suit your own needs, and make sure you make a packing list prior to your packing ritual. Get all your meds together, tick stuff off this list of essentials and you’re good to go!

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