Here’s Your Handy Guide For A Road Trip to Ladakh With A Newborn

Going by the trend, you would usually encounter mostly unmarried crowd flocking to Leh Ladakh Road Trip. Or majorly the ones without children. That shouldn’t bog you down if you want to travel to the high-desert city of Himalayas with your children.

Just because you got married and settled down in life, doesn’t mean you cannot visit this adventurous location! Don’t feel chained to visit just the ‘cool’, family locations only. If you prepare well in advance, make lists, pack not just enough but extra supplies and are positively inclined to take things as they come, you can traverse a successful journey to Ladakh. Planning a Leh Ladakh road trip with your infant may seem a daunting task but planning begins by detailing the preparation.

Leh Ladhak Tourism

Ladakh Lanes And Sturdy Terrain

Prepare A Macro Plan

Ascertain the number of days you will be spending and chalk out your travel plans in detail. Since the weather is extremely cold and Ladakh temperatures drop to sub-zero it will be a good idea to break your journey. Instead of taking one direct flight where the temperature change may prove too drastic, you can take a flight to the nearest city and do the last lap by road.

The weather dip will be gradual and the baby will get more time to acclimatize. Of course, the timing is important, since you would for various reasons not want to make a post-sunset Leh Ladakh Road Trip as temperatures will drop drastically. Also unwarranted rains should not find you waylaid or in stormy conditions.

See A Pediatrician Before Taking The Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Chalk out in detail the height, weight, age, allergies, food preferences of your child. Visit your child’s pediatrician with these details. Take his opinion on what medicines and what dosage your infant would require should the need arise. It’s important to have this in writing so you can refer to it again. Also, take cues on what eye drops, ear drops, and nasal drops to carry.

It would also be advisable to carry a portable steamer for your little one since a blocked nose can be very troublesome. Refer to various inhalers available in the market. One with a camphor or eucalyptus oil base should be good for you too.

Shopping List

Make a list of all the things your infant uses on a daily basis. It should include clothes-vests, diapers, wipes, thermals, tops and lowers, besides body lotion, talc, nappy rash ointment and even multi-vitamin drops. Remember without a list your planning is incomplete.

Baby formula, bibs, nappies and most important a thermometer are must-haves. Also, buy an additional pacifier, teether, and rattler. Don’t forget a baby harness and portable baby car seat. Packaged water for your infant is a must since water in the hills is hard. Juices will also help to keep your little one well hydrated. An infant-skin friendly sun block and a UV block body lotion is a must.

Stock Up Woolens

This is something you can’t do without. As temperatures in Ladakh are extremely low, your baby would need extra protection, especially during nights. Don’t think about stylish or trendy hats, invest in some functional woolens – snug hats, blankets, and nice warmers – that would work! They need to be protected not just from the cold Ladakh temperature but also from the harsh sunlight. So, plan accordingly!

Arm Yourself With Supplies

Goes without saying, with your little one, you’ll have to carry a lot of supplies. For warm water or milk, an electric kettle is a must. Don’t worry about heating these as the people there are extremely friendly and warm. In fact, a lot of trekkers carry portable cookers with them for the rough times. Other than that, biscuits, packaged food items, and food that your baby likes.

Know Some Home Remedies

A tried and tested home remedy that works for infants when traveling to cold locations is rubbing of a mixture of warm mustard oil with garlic in it. Rub this mixture under your infant’s foot and even chest so as to keep the cold away. Any journey is a good reason to carry vomi-stop and domstal for diarrhea.

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

You must keep yourself and your infant hydrated! Take along a lot of water bottles and keep drinking it. You could even give your babies juices if they refuse to drink water. you can keep your and your infant’s energy levels high by sipping fluids.

Strategize Your Route

Plan for a route well ahead of time. Work till the last detail. Instead of flying to Leh, drive all the way so that your little one can adapt to changing climatic conditions and altitude. Prefer staying in hotels and homestays instead of staying at campsites of Pangong Tso. A comfortable bed will provide your infant an amazing sleep rather than a makeshift tent arrangement.

Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Road trippin to Leh

There is no such thing as too much planning since your baby means the world to you. As a parent consider your baby specific requirements. Have a great Leh Ladakh Road Trip, share your photos and create wonderful memories. Adieu!

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