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When we first planned this Southern Germany road trip, we never thought that we were embarking upon a journey so beautiful. We wanted to plan a 3 days trip so we restricted our travel to the Southern region and focused on three places primarily; Black Forest, Lake Constance and Lindau.

These picturesque locales are uber-fascinating with their quaint architecture and virgin wilderness. You find yourself wondering why vacationing in this stunning region of Germany never occurred to you before!

We did realize however that we were all the more deeply ensnared in its charms because we decided to travel by road. If there’s any region that is best observed by driving through it, it’s South Germany. So if you’re planning to visit this area, we have three words of advice for you: Go Road Tripping!

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Germany Road Trip – Black Forest

The Black Forest region is a large forested mountain range and there are many sights to see. Though it is easily accessible via rail from all of Europe, road travel is the best way to explore this region since you can stop and see whatever interests you at your will. That’s exactly what we did! Incidentally, Black Forest was the first destination in our Germany road trip. And it set a wonderful precedent for the rest of the trip.

Black Forest Germany

Gorgeous town Triberg of Black Forest Germany

beautiful germany

Enroute Black Forest

Here we’ve picked out our favorite things to do/see in Black Forest Germany:

1. Discover the Cuckoo Clock Tradition – One of the chief native handicrafts of the Black Forest region is the cuckoo clock. Visit the Rombach and Hass workshop in Schonach where you are provided with interesting insights into tradition, and also walked through some modern designs and restoration pieces.

2. Hiking – If you’re the adventurous kind, hiking in the Black Forest region will be an absolute pleasure. This area has an extensive network of trails including long distance paths and shorter, day-walking trails, as well as mountain biking paths, and cross country skiing trails.

3. Thermal Spas of Baden-Baden – Baden-Baden is a famous spa town, where numerous resorts allow guests access to lovely thermal baths. You can also enjoy playing golf and tennis, which are incredibly popular in the region. Baden-Baden also hosts horse races in the summer and skiing in winter season.

4. Triberg Falls – Amongst the largest waterfalls in Germany, the Triberg Falls are a sight to behold. The waters of the Gutach River plunge into a steep valley, creating a wonderful visual treat for all nature- lovers.

5. The Triberg Town Experience – For a composite experience of Black Forest Germany’s offerings, Triberg is a befitting locale. The town promises good hiking trails, many splendid cuckoo clocks, a well-furnished museum, and authentic German cuisine as well.

Accommodation tip: For an authentic Black Forest accommodation experience you can ditch the hotels and choose to stay in farmhouses, Airbnb’s, and cottages. Park-Appartements Badenweiler, Haus am Gunzenbach and Ferienwohnen Ziegelfeld are the three suitable apartment options for families and couples.

If you prefer nothing but hotels for your stay then choose to stay in Colombi Hotel or Atlantic Parkhotel – both are good options.

Bavarian clockworks

House of thousand Cuckoo Clocks in Triberg

Black Forest, Lindau, and Lake Constance itinerary

Quick Stop at the Cuckoo clocks Black Forest

Black Forest Germany itinerary

Triberg Town in Black Forest

Germany road trip to Black Forest

Into the dense – Hike to the Triberg Waterfall Black Forest

Germany road trip to Black Forest

Triberg Waterfall Black Forest

Germany road trip

Ain’t there anything as pretty as a waterfall?

germany road trip

Always goofing around

Germany Road Trip – Lake Constance & Insel Mainau

After spending a day in Black Forest, we headed to the Lake Constance region the same evening. This area is rich with touristic sites, and if you’re pressed for time, you’ll have a tight schedule, no doubt. Pick and choose unique experiences and you’ll probably leave with some precious memories.

Here are some suggestions on what to do in Lake Constance Germany:

1. Visit Konstanz Town and Harbor – Lake Constance is lined by a number of alluring German townships. We visited Konstanz which has a beautiful habor, several impressive museums, and picture-postcard views of the Majestic Alps.

2. Go Boating – It wouldn’t be right to visit Lake Constance Germany and not indulge in some old- fashioned boating. With the warm sunshine smiling down on you, exploring the warm waters in a boat is refreshing leisure.

3. Enjoy the Sunset – For the folk visiting from bustling urban hubs, clear, magnificent sunsets are a rare sight. You are privy to such wonderful sights on a daily basis here. We thoroughly enjoyed gazing at the setting sun and taking a moment to appreciate nature’s wondrous beauty.

sunset lake constance germany

Pretty sunset at Lake Constance Germany

Germany road trip

You can’t avoid boating at the stunning Lake Constance

4. Visit Insel Mainau – The epitome of romantic ambience, Insel Mainau is a must-see location in this region. Bursting with blooming flowers, it is not surprising that this island is host to numerous weddings throughout the year.

Make sure you checkout these areas:

  • Schmetterlingshaus: Schmetterlingshaus is a butterfly house in Insel Mainua which houses anywhere between 700 – 1000 colorful butterflies all throughout the year.
  • Italian Rose Garden: Insel Mainua in its entirety can be considered as a blanket of flowers however what stood out for us was the Italian Rose Garden. Constructed with geometric attention, it is lined with sculptures, fountains, and pergolas.
  • Historic Buildings: There are several sites of historical significance you can visit once you’re done being overwhelmed with the natural beauty of Insel Mainau. There’s the Mainau Castle, the majestic Castle Church St. Marien, and the Gardener Tower as well.
germany road trip to Insel Mainau

You are welcomed by these beautiful creatures

germany road trip

germany road trip

Walk into a flower world

germany road trip

Flower structures everywhere in Insel Mainau Island

Germany Road Trip – Lindau

The last leg of our Germany road trip was an excursion across Lindau and that is a major island town in the Lake Constance area.

We reached Lindau by taking the local ferry as they run every 15 mins, transporting people and their cars to and fro. You also have the option of traveling here via boating tours but that typically turns out to be more expensive.

Germany road trip

Old Stone Lighthouse in Lindau, Bavaria

Here are some things to do in Lindau Germany:

1. Explore the Harbor – Like Konstanz, Lindau also has a beautiful habor where you can spend many an hour simply reveling in its seaside beauty. You can even opt for a boat tour and admire the stunning Lindau area.

2. Click Some Splendid Snapshots – Lindau Germany has some lovely picture-worthy locales. Capture a stunning picture with the 33-meter-high lighthouse. Also, do not miss taking pictures with the sizeable lion statue (6- meter-high) which is a major tourist attraction.

3. Visit the Historic Town Center – The town center of Lindau is a hub of histo-cultural wealth. You can learn much about the local lifestyle and practices by walking through its streets, visiting the shops and eating joints here.

Accommodation tip: Airbnb is a convenient option for those considering a stay in Lindau, Germany as it makes for an idyllic setting for one and all. You can also get a 30% discount if you book through our code.

Lindau harbour

Admire Lindau’s Harbor Bavaria

Beautiful Lindau

Drive past Allgau – Lindau uplands

beautiful road trip in Germany

The Lion Monument at Lindau Harbour


Exploring Bodensee and it’s many attractions

Germany road trip

Lindau Town area

Once you are done exploring Lindau, you always have the option of hopping over to Fussen and stopping by the Neuschwanstein Castle on your way back. If you like exploring castles then I’ll also recommend a visit to Hohenzollern Castle which is really close to the Black Forest area. This would be a wonderful conclusion to your scenic road trip through Germany.

Hop over to Fussen and see the Neuschwanstein castle on return.

german road trip

This time around we did not hike all the way to Neuschwanstein castle and rather admired the views from the countryside

Germany road trip

Magical Neuschwanstein Castle

Whether anyone is a seeker for medieval villages and quaint magical towns or someone who loves chilling by the lake side or indulging in water activities – a Germany road trip through Black Forest, Lindau and Lake Constance will meet all expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your road trip now!

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    Wow what an absolutely amazing looking place to go and explore. It seems like you managed to fit so much into your itinerary and got to really experience and explore the area.

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    It is absolutely breathtaking in Germany! I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

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    I’d love to visit Southern Germany, especially Black Forest. The hikes sound amazing, and Triberg is such a cute town!

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