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After a short but tiresome evening flight, our stay at Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah hotel was a welcome respite. The impressive building stood tall and sleek on King Faisal Road and was every bit the welcoming masterpiece we’d expected it to be. Nestled cozily between an array of skyscrapers, the blue-paneled modern building emanated a chic vibe – perfect for a first impression!

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah in Brief

First Glimpses – Super stylish, great location & commanding views
Staff – Helpful and Hospitable
Food & Beverages – Delectable and prepared with dexterity
Bed & Bath – Airy, full of light & crisp linen


Thankfully for our tired feet, the check-in process was swift and we were shown to our room only a few minutes after we arrived. Our luggage was taken care of by an extremely helpful member of the staff who made sure it was ported to our room securely – win win! We felt elated after checking into our suite that was on the 29th floor of Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah Hotel.

Bellissimo was the first word that came to my mind the moment I checked out the view from our room. Incredible views of the city and the bay area – it was just so fascinating.

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Reception area of Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

That’s the view from our cozy suite – Gorgeous indeed!


Our corner room with balcony was attached to a balcony that offered us a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline. Building after building, the view outside seemed to never end and we found ourselves gazing outward without realising how tired we’d been! Sharjah looked so lit and pretty in the night time. Surely, the check-in experience coupled with the fact that our room was a gorgeous recreation of modern Swiss design, complete with the quintessential minimalist lighting, was refreshing in itself and allowed us the time and space to slow down and start relaxing.

We also got a chance to checkout the luxe penthouse on the 33rd floor of Four Points by Sheraton. Needlessly, we were enchanted by its humongous size at the first sight. Beds are colossal, bespoke affairs and the best is the 302 sqm penthouse comes with a spacious living area and a private pool deck. It’s hard for anyone to not fall in love with this world of its own. Let these pictures tell you the story!

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah Hotel review

Fancy bathroom that can melt any heart

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Suite dreams quite literally!

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

A plush drawing room at tow


Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah boasts of a plush recreational area, complete with an outdoor pool and a fitness club with state-of-the-art equipment that can even turn a business trip into a full-fledged vacation! Apart from the pool, there is a sauna, jacuzzi, and a luxurious spa that offers its services to just about everyone. A Recreation Membership will get you started on the facilities a tad cheaper than the others.

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Swim time for water babies

Food & Drinks

A few hours after we checked-in and had the chance to refresh from our travels, we found our long-lost hunger pangs kick in. Curious as to where we could find a quick bite, we realized the hotel itself had quite the platter when it came to dining options. There was Yasmina, Cheeky Chan, and the Library Cafe – all of which served different tastes, but with the same finesse.

Yasmina Restaurant at Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Yasmina offers a full Mediterranean dining experience, replete with a decor that imitates colorful mosaics and paneled tiles from the islands. Open to breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets, this sleek restaurant also delivers scrumptious food to your room. We found ourselves heading to Yasmina a couple of times during our stay at Four Points by Sheraton, Sharjah. It felt like luxurious dining experience every single time. A truly authentic fare that can amuse even the most discerning gastronome.

Special mention goes to chef Jerin who made sure each and every dish was served with extra attention and lots of love. No wonder, we ended up enjoying our breakfast longer than usual.

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Hungry Birds??

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah Hotel Review

Relishing my Lebanese Platter at Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Cheeky Chan at Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Cheeky Chan, on the other hand, is a contemporary Pan-Asian restaurant that works with exotic ingredients to make your dining experience feel like a million bucks. The bright red leather seating & bamboo decor feels quite like a diner, and the fact that you can sit outside feels like a nice change. We thoroughly enjoyed all the Chinese signature cuisines the chef prepared for us.

Among the flavoursome signature dishes on the menu, our favourite picks would be steaming dim sums, Singapore noodles and piping hot Sizzlers. Do try them out! The food here is absolutely going to appease your taste buds. Plus, full points on hospitality. Asmita and Ashish took care of us in the best possible manner!

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

What a delish spread of Chinese cuisine at Cheeky Chan Restaurant

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Refreshing mocktails to keep those conversations going

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah hotel review

An earthy yet contemporary interiors of Cheeky Chan Restaurant

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Hot and tasty sizzler- a must try at Cheeky Chan Restaurant

Library Cafe at Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

Library Cafe is where we headed for our evening caffeination. The nitro brew was surely a highlight and had us coming back for more. It is ideal both for hosting your informal business meetings or catching up with the friends. We spent a good few hours sampling out the signature brews and tempting snacks. Perch on one of the minimally done tables and order any of the sensational sweet treats or sandwiches. You won’t be disappointed.

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah hotel Review

You must try Nitro Coffee at the Library Cafe at Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah

The Library Cafe – so aesthetically done!

Our stay at Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah was a delight – there was nothing more we could have asked for. We felt pampered and spoiled to the bits at Four Points by Sheraton in Sharjah. At the end of a long day of adventuring, all we needed was to come back to our oasis in the midst of a busy, bustling city- and we found ours at this super gorgeous hotel.


  • October 23, 2019

    This looks like a great place to stay! That cafe looks really relaxing and the restaurant looks tasty.

  • October 23, 2019

    Woah this looks absolutely AMAZING. I would love the chance to stay here! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  • October 24, 2019

    That bed looked magical! I would have ordered all of that food as ROOM SERVICE and just wolfed it down in that comfy bed! 🙂

  • October 24, 2019

    I’ve never been to Sharjah before but I heard it is awesome. Dubai is great but also Sharjah. I would love to check this hotel out.

  • October 25, 2019

    I have stayed at the Sheraton before and it is a wonderful hotel. Such a great place to stay when on vacation.

  • October 26, 2019

    Sheraton looks like an incredible place to stay. I don’t know if I would have wanted to leave the room. The hotel looks so comfortable and the food looks really delicious.


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