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Do you love Havelock as much as your cute munchkin bloggers do? 🙂 If yes, then Elephant Beach should have a definite spot in your itinerary!

Every day visitors by the dozens visit Elephant Beach of Havelock to experience the ethereal world of natural glory. It is best to start the day at the beach as early as possible as you can witness the marine life in its full glory and you never know it might get hot later on.

A first glance, about a few meters from the beach, all you see is turquoise water and a hint of greenery. Prepared to be beguiled once you are there.

Getting There:

You need to fly to Port Blair in Andaman in order to get to the Havelock Island. From Havelock dock, you need to board a speed boat to reach the Elephant Beach, which is approximately 20 minutes ride. To and fro boat fare plus snorkeling per person would set you back by 750 INR (We had to pay just 500INR because we friended a local person 😉 )You’ll be made to wear safety jackets during the sea voyage and the boat will take you through scenic route straight to the Elephant Beach.

It is suggested that you take the first boat in the morning, like we did, as with a limited number of people around at that time, the water definitely looks and feels better.

There is another way to reach this island and that is a 30 minutes trek through the forest.

charges for visiting elephant beach

Take tickets and a speed boat ride is all it takes to visit the Elephant Beach

things to do in havelock

A gorgeous lighthouse en route Elephant Beach

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Greens and blues – LOVE!

At Elephant Island

Upon reaching, you can indulge in a host of water activities. This part of the world is untouched by commercialism and the sight of it will make your heart ache. It is so easy to be there for hours without doing nothing and just soaking the atmosphere.

You are allowed to spend about 4 hours on the island to return back later in the same boat.

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Just pout and pose 😉

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Missing out on Elephant Beach would be a big mistake

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Takes two seconds for the weather to go from sunny to cloudy

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Snorkelling together 😉

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Miss my friends -I hope they are doing alright

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Stunning coral life – you are addicted for life

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Chasing these cuties

elephant beach havelock island andaman

Action and adventure by the dozen

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