How Can Couples Travel On A Shoestring Budget?

Have so many places to explore in your mind! (We have so many all the time)

But money?

The word travel definitely gets a person to think about money, which a lot of people don’t have, and this perhaps holds them back from exploring the world. We fall in the same category!

But Relax! Don’t let this spoil the thought of your ‘best vacation of life’. You don’t have to be rich to travel the world. There are a few tips that can help travelers plan their holidays on a shoestring budget, just like we do. Take a look at the insider tips and try to save as much as you can to fulfill your dream of traveling the world.

Saving as a Couple

If you have the right support system backing you all the time, even the hardest things to achieve will become a cakewalk. Same goes for savings.

  • As soon as the realization hits you that traveling is way more important to you than anything else, you got to start saving money. And with someone who’s just as eager as you, saving money will practically become easier. So, usually, we spend what I earn on our day-to-day needs, and save the chunk that Harsh earns completely. This makes it easier to travel!
  • Just keep it in mind that this depends essentially on how much you earn and if this much is enough for your livelihood and travel plans.
how to travel on a shoestring budget

Rented a scooty in Bali and saved tons on transportation

Plan your Budget Wisely

When planning a trip, you first need to list down all the costs and budget entailed in traveling so that you can plan your funds wisely.

Decide on the destination carefully. Your travel doesn’t just have to be about a spa session in an expensive hotel or having luxurious dinners at the 5-stars. For a couple, it is important to finalize a destination which they both mutually agree on. Both should be able to zero on a location where you can have fun!

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While booking accommodation, you must not get tempted to stay in a star-rated accommodation and look for the one that has better connectivity and lower price. Though we usually end up staying in luxury hotels all over the world all the time. But looking back to our early travels, booking accommodation in 3-star hotels usually saved us

Mode of transportation is another aspect you need to pay attention to while planning a budget trip. If you are planning a holiday that is at a driving distance, then it is best to take your car. However, if the only option to reach the destination that’s on your mind is an airplane, make bookings in advance.

Research can take you a long way. For most of us, going through different blogs and reading various tips about how others plan their budget trips look a complete wastage of time. But this aspect can affect your decision significantly as you can get to know about first-hand experiences of the travelers and learn from them. Find out about the attractions and places you want to cover and see if you can afford all the entry charges or not.

If you aren’t hands on with budgeting, you could use online budget planners to save your pennies and plan better travel plans. This could be your first step towards making your travel goals come true.

Look for the Cheapest Airfare

Who cares if you are traveling economy class or a business class! Airfare is one prime disappointment when materializing your travel plans. But the saving grace is definitely the use of comparison sites. You don’t have to worry as these sites will present the cheapest airfare possible, and you won’t have to haggle here. It is ideal for frequent travelers to subscribe to the latest travel deals and discounts in order to remain in a loop and not miss the cheapest deals.

You Need Travel Insurance

A lot of travelers might try to save a few dollars on this one as they do not understand its need. But if any health issues or injuries occur, then what’s got you covered?? Right, travel insurance! So, you must not neglect this aspect of traveling or else you’ll have to pay heavily later on (to get healthcare). It’s an absolute necessity you can’t do without.

Control Spending on Food

If you are a little like me then you definitely spend a major amount on ordering food from outside each day. I hate cooking and just to avoid cooking, I usually order my food from a nearby food joint. So, this might be one place where you could save a bit and instead of ordering pizzas and burgers every day, simply cook at home. The better one can obviously cook and the other partner can support!

Always carry a lunch to the office. Budgeting is your option when it comes to buying food. If you cannot cut down spending on food completely, just set a budget for travel and keep some cash aside for buying food for lunch. Just use the amount for a quick bite to eat.

There’s No Need for Unnecessary Indulgences or Alcohol

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a takeaway, alcohol, or bars when holidaying? But when long-term travel plans are on your mind, you need to keep such delights reserved for some special occasions only, unless you had an extremely horrible day!

Make Public Transport Your Friend

This is perhaps one aspect I hate compromising on, but when it comes to saving big time, public transport has to be a budget buddy. If your budget is not too high, then it is best to choose the public transport and explore!

Old is Gold

This one comes from Harsh because I am totally into buying new stuff! But he believes that if you need to travel on a shoestring then you definitely need to stop wasting money on new clothes, new shoes, and other accessories. If you don’t have money already then there’s no need to buy new stuff! Rather invest in your travel goals and use your old stuff for the new adventures. (I really need to control my urge to splurge on fancy stuff)

Is Your Bank Bankable?

This one’s really important as your bank can be an efficient buddy in helping you meet the travel needs. There are a few things you definitely need to think about when you wish to travel on a shoestring.

·       Make sure that your bank charges to the cheapest fees on any transaction.

·       Does your bank charges for the overseas transaction? If no then your bank sure is travel-friendly.

Travel doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – all you need is investing some time into the planning process! And when you have your partner by your side in all the planning and budgeting, things will become easier!

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