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A delight for every photographer’s lens, Ladakh provides the canvas that lets you capture pictures to pique the imagination and touch the soul. No wonder every photographer worth his or her salt wants to capture Leh Ladakh images with their own unique perspective. With landscapes that silently declare that you’re in tough terrain, this region somehow still manages to provide serenity even for the most troubled souls. So, it’s no surprise that Instagram is chockablock with Leh Ladakh photos from professionals and absolute amateurs alike. If you’re looking to join the bandwagon, let us give you a heads up about the locations that can give you those stunning shots.

Here are a few of our favorite locations for those photoshoot days to capture best Leh Ladakh pictures:

Thiksey Monastery – As Dreamy as It can Get

Want a shot of a picture perfect line of stupas or chortens? Head to the Thiksey monastery. With its precarious perch on a hill slope and white walls and splashes of bright colours like red and yellow, the Thiksey Monastery is a photographer’s dream come true! Find the perfect angle and bend as low as you can as you try to fit in the 40 feet high idol of  Maitreya! Go right to the top of this 12-storey monastery and get a bird’s–eye view of the Indus Valley below! Your options for capturing Leh Ladakh images here are many!

Leh Ladakh pictures

By far the prettiest monastery I’ve visited in my life

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Alchi Monastery – The Monastery that Has Survived Centuries!

On the path from Leh to Kargil, you’ll come across the ancient Alchi Monastery complex. Keep an eye on the left turn as it’s easy to miss. This monastery is famous for its 12th-century wall frescoes that are well-conserved and so pretty to look at. Also, include this on your Leh Ladakh itinerary for the architecture and wood-carvings.

Though photography inside the monastery is prohibited, this monastery is so atmospheric and picturesque to photograph from the outside. You’ll definitely want to include Alchi Monastery in your Leh Ladakh photo album.

Leh Ladakh pictures

Beautiful Alchi Monastery in Leh Ladakh, India

Leh Ladakh images

So Instagram-worthy – Alchi Monastery

Leh Ladakh photos

Rugged terrains on our way back from Alchi Monastery

Ice Stupa – So Worth The Extra Miles We took to See this!

The Ice stupas are amazing structures that are sure to blow your mind. Not only are the Ice stupas amazingly striking with their geometric form and design,  but they also make any picture you take against them look out of this world. In summer, the locals put up prayer flags around them to slow down the melting of the stupa from hot winds or sun. So, the setting gets even more interesting! I’d say unique thing to do in Ladakh for sure!

Here you can read more about why and how these Ice Stupas are created. And how you can plan your visit to see one of these.

Leh Ladakh photos

What a stunning innovation in Leh Ladakh

En route to Hemis Stop at the Naropa Festival Point

The last Naropa festival was held in 2018. Now we’ll have to wait another 12 years before this Kumbh of the Himalayan region takes place again. But that should not deter anyone from visiting this village and the monastery where it is held. This place provides ample opportunities to capture the backdrops where the colourful festivities are held. You will not regret a visit to this monastery.

Leh Ladakh images

Naropa Festival Spot in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh pictures

Head to Hemis Monastery a few miles ahead

Soul Searching? Head to Shanti Stupa

You’ll recognize this white dome instantaneously if you’ve seen the Ladakh tourism brochures or videos. The Shanti Stupa is that famous when it comes to Leh Ladakh images. However, it is actually comparatively new to the architecture scene in Ladakh. It was built in 1991 as a part of the peace pagoda mission. It is striking in its pure whiteness against the backdrop of naked-looking mountains. Visit this stupa and capture its magnificence through your lens – who knows, your popularity on Insta may just shoot up “insta-ntaneously”!

Leh Ladakh photos

Seeking peace? Head to Shanti Stupa in Leh Ladakh

A Mandatory Photo Stop at Khardung La

An Indian Army signboard declares this as the highest motorable pass in the world. Hordes of tourists place Khardung La high on their Ladakh bucketlist to take pictures here to mark their journey to this area. This pass is the gateway to the Nubra Valley and is covered in snow through most of the year – a definite pitstop for any avid photographer.

Leh Ladakh images

Lofty icy peaks en route to Khardung La

Leh Ladakh photos

A mandatory Leh Ladakh picture

For the Double Hump Camels in Hunder Village

This village sits at about an altitude of 10,000 feet and is around 150 km from the capital city of Leh. Located at the confluence of the rivers Shyok and Nubra, Hunder is worth every effort that you make to reach the place.

You’ll be crossing the Khardung La pass which by itself is quite an experience. And when you’ll reach Hunder, you’ll realize what all the hype is about. Vast stretches of sand dunes and camel safaris on the double-humped Bactrian camel will transport you to the era of the silk route trade. Do not leave Leh without visiting this site and taking a picture with the ship of this winter desert – the Bactrian camel. You do not have to ride them to enjoy. Just soak in the beauty, pat these amazingly beautiful camels, and click photos to your heart’s content.

Leh Ladakh pictures

En route to Hunder – Somewhere in Nubra Valley

Leh Ladakh photos

So into each other – The Bactrian Camels in Hunder

Leh Ladakh images

One with the double-humped camels in Hunder, Leh Ladakh

The Inviting Roads of Leh Ladakh

As you drive or ride through the roads of Ladakh, you’ll realize that they are inspiration enough for any adventurer with a camera! Sometimes straight, sometimes winding, sometimes full of boulders but always offering a backdrop that’s awe-inspiring. These roads will force you to take regular breaks and click innumerable pictures.

Leh Ladakh images

Stop anywhere and you have a good ‘Instagram-worthy’ picture

Leh Ladakh photos

En route to Sangam Valley in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh pictures

Neverending roads and landscapes so surreal

Feeling Blue? You Won’t at Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake is strikingly blue endorheic lake that is certainly on every photographer’s bucket list. Situated at a height of 4350 m, this lake rose to popularity after filming of blockbuster movies like 3 Idiots, Bhaag Milka Bhaag and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The lake looks heavenly even during the winter time when it’s frozen.

Why should you miss out? Head there for the trademark Leh Ladakh photos that are sure to get you an increasing number of followers.

Leh Ladakh images

Pangong Tso Lake – Leh Ladakh’s true beauty

Leh Ladakh photos

Perfect backdrops for your selfies

At the Top – Leh Tsemo Fort

This Gompa stands guard over Leh and can be seen from almost anywhere in Leh. With Prayer flags that stretch on and on, this location gives you the opportunity to capture a panoramic view of Leh and that fabulous shot of prayer flags fluttering in the wind and showing the way to the Gompa. We spent an hour simply soaking in the views of Leh town from the top and it was so worth it.

Leh Ladakh images

At the top of Leh Ladakh – Tsemo Fort

A Stunning Mix of Tibetan-style Box Buildings – Diskit Gompa

Diskit Gompa is the oldest Gompa in the Nubra Valley. Its snow-white walls against the naked grey mountainous landscape look almost unreal! It is the perfect location for capturing spectacular panoramic shots of the Nubra Valley!

Also, in the vicinity of this old Gompa is the gigantic 106 feet Maitreya Buddha statue that faces the Shyok river. Tourists from all over the world travel to this region to get a shot of these two landmarks – why should you miss out?

Leh Ladakh photos

Diskit Monastery – the Oldest Buddhist monastery in the Nubra Valley

These are some of our most favorite spots for taking those epic Leh Ladakh pictures. Would you like to add any to this list? Write in the comments below and let us know your favorites.


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