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Perched neatly next to the stunning Frauenkirche Church, the Hilton Dresden is a picturesque and classy stay for anyone wandering up and about the baroque city of the Free State of Saxony. The Hilton makes for a convenient stay option conflating luxury with world class facilities for spas, cafes, pools, and Jacuzzi, among others.. The best part – some of the most iconic attractions are within a stone’s throwaway. Hotel Hilton Dresden has refurbished it’s interiors for a fine living experience in the midst of clusters of buildings from a bygone era. It retains the antiquated glory of it’s exteriors. Apart from it’s opportune location and opulent inside, the serviceable and incredibly friendly staff make for a great living experience!

Hotel Hilton Dresden Review

Welcome to the beautiful Hotel Hilton Dresden

Hilton Dresden Review: Room Facilities

Check-in at the hotel was easy and really quick. You feel welcomed by the hotel staff who ensure that all the formalities are taken care of swiftly. We were quick to notice a certain charm to this hotel that speaks of royalty and luxury. The large lobby area with it’s marble and pinch of gold rightaway sets the tone for your stay. So we make way to our King Junior Suite Duplex right after the check-in with a big smile on our faces.

Hotel Hilton Dresden

Fifth Floor Lobby Area of Hilton Dresden

First Impression: The King Junior Suite Duplex is made for a cozy stay. We were in for a treat! We could treat ourselves to the myriad amenities this sprawling suite had to offer. The two-floor suite came with a separate living room and a well laid-out dining room cum bedroom. Without any doubt, the King junior Suite Duplex at Hilton Dresden Germany should be your go-to choice for a relaxing time without compromising on amenities.

The complimentary spread of snacks and boozy cocktails makes for a great place to unwind! The suite can house up to four adults in it’s plush bedding. The superfast WiFi ensures there’s never a dull moment during your stay. The Executive Lounge is also a good bet for those needing intermittent periods of private time, interspersed with a jovial meeting lounge to spend leisurely time in!

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Hotel Hilton Dresden Review

Two floor Kings Junior Suite at Hilton Dresden

Hilton Hotel Dresden

Dining Area of My Kings Suite in Hilton Dresden

Hotel Hilton Dresden Review

Cozy room in Hilton Dresden

Hilton Dresden Review: Spa and Leisure Facilities

Another breathtaking facility in the premise is the stunning Jacuzzi and spa area. If the hours of excursions and walking around make you tired and you think you need a break, the Hilton is just the place for you to put your feet up and have a dexterous masseuse rub you the right way. The outdoor Jacuzzi should be your next stop even in winters. And we can guarantee you wouldn’t want to stepout before a few hours. We also loved the indoor heated swimming pool and sauna facility.

Other than all this, the fitness center operates with some state-of-the-art facilities. Definitely the perfect place to have your endorphins pumping! The LivingWell Health Club, in fact, has one of the most modern fitness accessories in town. It makes for a pleasurable experience for the fitness enthusiast and the lazy gymmer!

Hotel Hilton Dresden review

Indoor pool facility at Hilton Hotel Dresden

Hilton hotel Review

Hilton Dresden Jacuzzi facility

Hilton Dresden Review: Buffet Breakfast

The breakfast spread at The Hilton, Dresden is going to make your mouth water. It might be impossible to have a quick breakfast, seeing as how there are just so many options for you to pick from! From the freshest handpicked fruit to the most succulent yogurts, the breakfast spread is always the most leisurely and exciting part of a hotel stay. And the Hilton Dresden Germany doesn’t disappoint!

If that isn’t enough, the steakhouse in the premises makes for the perfect romantic dinner for two! We also loved spending sipping on some nice red wine at Hilton’s Bistro Ecke.

Hilton Dresden Review

A healthy breakfast spread at Hilton Dresden

Hotel Hilton Dresden Review

Buffet breakfast area at Hilton Hotel Dresden

Hilton Dresden Review: Final Words

The Hilton is many things- class, elegance, and sophisticated precision. With the many kinds of stays this plush hotel offers, it is tough to miss out on when in Dresden. Steaks and sausages aside, the local restaurants offer some of the most scrumptious local fares to indulge in, especially after a day’s haul of walking around to the touristy spots in town! It might, however, be best if you pre-book your stay in advance, seeing as how the hotel is usually fully booked- tourist season or not!

It would only be fair to say that whenever we’re returning to Dresden, we’re definitely going to stay only and only at Hilton!

Hotel Hilton Dresden

Hilton Kings Suite Room

Hotel Hilton Dresden Bar

Wine tasting at Bistro Ecke Frauenkirche


Our stay at Hotel Hilton Dresden was sponsored by Dresden Tourism Board. Our opinions and views are absolutely unbiased.

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  • Mia

    December 9, 2019

    Hi Prerna,
    I would suggest you try the Kempinski Hotel in Dresden next time, as the Hilton Dresden is anything but elegant, sophisticated and luxurious.
    Maybe other Hiltons in Asia would fit your description but not ones in Europe.


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