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The Chirping of birds and whistling of nests
Gushing flow of water, with crystal clear sky
Sandy beaches, Serene islands
Mirth, laughter, and sally…..

Just a few thoughts to sum up our Bali experience!!


Think you and your partner have done it all? From skywriting cheesy messages to slightly OTT social media PDA? Well, head to Bali.

The picturesque island opens up a whole new world of cutesy things you and your partner can engage in – all while being in the midst of an absolutely stunning culture, with delectable cuisines, lively music and dance performances and a view that couldn’t give you an eyesore in a million years! Even a 2 weeks Bali itinerary would not do justice to all that is there to see.

In a destination like Bali, anyone can spend about a month and still feel like there’s something still left to be explored.




What makes Bali the perfect destination for newlyweds, among the regular couples, is the way the Balinese fuse age-old ritualistic elements with the new, the modern, and give you an experience that can overpower you for years to come.

The largely Hindu populace in the island is fiercely protective of its arts and couples can have a wonderful time exploring each other through the beautiful island. From cliched candlelight dinners by the shore to some adventurous eating in a cave, Bali can do it all!

If you and your partner are heading to Bali soon and are curious about what you can do to spice things up, let this checklist put your imagination to work!


With two weeks in Bali, you can definitely be at an easy pace (lucky sods) and cover all the must-visit places in the island nation. Here’s our suggested Bali itinerary 2 weeks for you so you can start planning your trip:


I’ll start with that part of Bali we both actually liked the most.
 Ubud is one place we’d recommend every tourist to visit. Sketched with deep ravines and speckled with rice paddies every few kilometers, the small town lies in the foothills of the Gianyar Regency.

As a repository of Balinese arts, Ubud offers a little something for every tourist as it markets artisanal products from local producers. 
Whether it is the numerous museums that beckon you or just the thought of a peaceful getaway in what is perhaps Bali’s most culturally vibrant town, Ubud promises to be a spiritual experience for every tired traveler.

So keep about 5 days devoted to exploring Ubud in your 2 weeks Bali itinerary – especially the honeymooners!


Go for a stroll through the sacred Monkey Forest: Consider it as your obligatory first-stop in Ubud as a stroll through the park is sure to bring a smile on your face. You are going to meet over 600 greedy, long-tailed macaques who are not going to shy away from stealing your belongings.

The bunch of nutty primates looks extremely innocent but they have been renowned for nipping at human flesh. So our advise – avoid eye-contact! No need to feed them as mostly they are already pudgy.

Monkey Forest Sanctuary remains opens from 8:30 AM – 6 PM. The entry fees for adults is IDR 50.000.

Soak in Ubud’s Cultural Side: There are some absolute must-see temples in Ubud, and Goa Gajah is one of them. This 11th-century archaeological site was built primarily as a meditation spot. Though the temple is six kilometers out of central Ubud, it should be on your itinerary.

It opens daily from 8 AM – 4 PM. Entry fee for adults is 15.000.

Ubud is a treasure trove of cultural landmarks and if you have more inclination towards the spiritual side, we recommend a visit to Pura Taman Saraswati as well. It is a gorgeous water temple perfect for those long, leisurely walks.


No entry in shorts so cover-up with a sarong!

Jump into the Tegenungan Waterfall: Nature lover? Then there’s a waterfall pool surrounded by tropical palm trees in Ubud just for you! Yes, Tegenungan Waterfall is a great stopover and is worth the flight of stairs you need to descend to reach it.

Reconnect with Mama Earth at Tegalalang Rice Terrace: Best things in life certainly don’t cost a penny – like a walk along the rice paddies in Ubud which have a numbing impact on your senses.

Test your bargain skills at artisan shops: Ubud’s market scene is quite vibrant. Every second shop you walk into is an art gallery, and we particularly fell in love with the upscale Ubud Art Market. Shop for a variety of handicrafts items, paintings, dreamcatchers, wooden figurines, and curios here.

Oh dreamy Bali!

Get a real massage in Ubud: There’s only one name we’d like to mention in our things to do in Ubud section when it comes to getting a real massage and that is Karsa Spa.

It’s an experience like no other, and by the end of the spa session, you’ll feel so relaxed and one with  nature. You just cannot miss watching the sunset from this place! Take our word – put Karsa Spa on your GPS and make sure you find your way to it.

Karsa Spa – the one surrounded by greenery all around

 We did spa at Temuk Resort also


Ubud is magical! After you are tired romancing on the beaches and partying at the best beach bars, it’s time to get some seclusion at Ubud. There are so many stunning options to stay in Ubud and one of them is villa with a waterfall – Santi Mandala. A night stay in this villa would cost you around 88 USD.

If you are in a mood to splurge on your accommodation and experience an outworldly stay, Hoshinoya Bali is where you need to go. A night stay in Hoshinoya would set you back by 640 USD.

Some other amazing yet offbeat accommodation options in Ubud are Sharma Springs Bamboo House, Villa Pererepan and Sri Bungalows Ubud.


Kuta remains a pristine spot in an otherwise bustling island.

Prior to its development as a tourist attraction, complete with low and high range resorts, Kuta was primarily a fishing center. It still manages to be a fertile town, with some of the most exotic varieties of seafood being available here.

A visit to Kuta is incomplete without some surfing and diving! Besides that, enjoy the cozy, yet active, way of life of the Balinese people. The town also houses a Bomb Memorial, which is worth a visit.

Coconuts in Kuta are bigger than my face


Wake up in the morning and head for a yoga session: We found ourselves running back and forth to Kuta Beach so many times; one morning we were there for group yoga session near the beach and the other day we just went to catch the sunset. It isn’t a very clean beach but still not as bad as many people claim it to be.

Dine in at themed restaurants/cafes in Kuta: Kuta has a number of themed cafe popping up at almost every corner. Expect these cafes/restaurants to have bright and creative artwork, sophisticated Grecian comforts, and insanely gorgeous views. Hard Rock Cafe Bali and Ma Joly Restaurant and Lounge would feature high on our list of places to dine at in Kuta.

Visit the Legian Street: Dance the night away at the party hub of Kuta – Legian Street. The Engine Room is one of the most popular avenues in the entire Legian belt and you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Head to a sunset beachside bar: You can’t say you’ve been to Bali without going to a good sunset beach bar. Chill out to the nice sound of passing planes right when the sun is about to set. We found B9B as an amazing club to head to when the sun goes down.

Spend a day at the Pandawa Beach: Bali is a land of beaches and in its collection is one more famous beach – The Pandawa. Located on Bali’s Southern bukit peninsula, it is a hidden gem beach – ‘hidden’ behind the carved cliffs. It has a very impressive panorama and the long stretch of white sand beach surely delights the eyes! One of our favorite beaches in Bali.

Beautiful morning at Kuta

Langorous days spent at the Pandawa Beach


The best thing about staying in Kuta is that even luxury stays do not pinch your pocket. Some really fine boutique hotels in Kuta we would suggest for your stay are The Stones Legian BaliSheraton Bali Kuta, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, and The Kuta Heritage Hotel Bali. Almost all of these Kuta hotels are remarked for their world-class facilities and excellent hospitality.


Bali is a place full of diversity! Where on one hand you can find the most blissful places in the island nation, even the happening ones aren’t far away. One such upmarket, oh-so-classy beach resort area is Seminyak. Your 2 week Bali itinerary must feature Seminyak as I’m sure you’ll be spending quite a lot of time at the cozy and classy bars of the region. If you call yourself a diva, a girl obsessed with fashion and style then also you must take a trip to Seminyak.

Its awesome nightlife and epic entertainment venues are worth a mention! Seminyak is the most fashionable and luxurious beach resort in Bali that gives you the intangible feeling of style and vogue.


Potato Head Beach ClubIt is the ultimate party destination in Seminyak. Enriched with Indonesian lifestyle and culture it is a venue that is very dynamic and quirky. The creative ambiance, excellent hospitality gives you a soulful experience! We enjoyed a lot here with their best cocktails and food.

A day trip to Tanah Lot: Out of our two days in Seminyak, we had spent one full day at Tanah Lot – a local pilgrimage spot. While walking down to reach the iconic temple, the path had souvenir shops on each side. It is one of the oldest shrines and a place that is not-to-be-missed! It needs to feature on your Bali itinerary 2 weeks.

Head to Instagram-worthy cafe La Laguna: This gypsy-themed restaurant was an icing on the cake on our visit to Seminyak. It has a beautiful view and gives one major exotic feels.

It was built with woods and adorned with flowers, a quintessential location decorated with a classy piece of arts and a place where you get perfect pictures to flaunt on your social media!

Our Favorite Bar in Seminyak. Click Here!!


Wish to make the most of your time in Seminyak? Choose to stay at The One boutique Villa. These private villas are at a walking distance from Potato Head Club and Seminyak Beach. The vibe of the hotel is really good and offers great shopping opportunities. A night stay here would cost you around 200 USD.

Other accommodation options in Seminyak are W Bali, Annora Bali Villas, The Kunja Villa, and Courtyard by Marriott Bali.

 La Laguna – the quirky beachside restaurant in Seminyak

Tanah Lot looks glorious during the sunset hours


Uluwatu remains true to its name- ulu means “land’s end” and watu means “rock”. This rocky tip of the Bukit Peninsula of the Balinese mainland is one of the most preferred spots for surfers around the world. Not only are the waves conducive to a good surf, the coast offers a view of the Indian Ocean difficult to find elsewhere.

Besides the clear blue of the ocean, which makes millions of corals sitting on the bed of the sea visible, Uluwatu is also home to millennia-old Hindu temple and it comes alive with Balinese dance performances and culinary exhibits during the evening. Uluwatu has to be there on your 2 week Bali itinerary!

Enroute Uluwatu from Kuta


Surfing lessons at Pantai Suluban: If there is an adventurer hidden inside you then Suluban beach is your must-go destination. Great waves challenge every surfer there!

Located in the Whitestone hills, Suluban has the most breath-taking views and creates a lot of spectacular nuances. The best season to visit this surfing spot is on dry season when the winds are flowing from east to west.

Lone time at Green BOWL Beach: One of our personal favorites, you can experience abandoned utopia at this magnificent beach in Uluwatu. A perfect picturesque location, with scenic beauty and green colored sea jeweled with golden sand, Green Bowl Beach is a blissful place. A must visit!

Watch the sun go down at Uluwatu temple: To-die-for clifftop views & Kecak dance. Perched at the top of a cliff, it is the spiritual pillar that is so magnificent and delightful. It is believed to be free of all the evil spirits and guarded down by the Hindu divines.

Head to this temple during the sunset

This munchkin is clearly astonished by the beauty of Green Bowl Beach

Suluban Beach is perfect for surfing


Just 10 minutes away from Uluwatu Temple is one of the best hotels in Uluwatu – PinkCoco Bali. A night here would cost you less than 50 USD.

For luxury stay, I would recommend Banyan Tree Ungasan and Kupu Kupu Jimbaran Beach Club.


If you are looking for a place that is free from all the hustle bustle, is close to nature and is the purest form of serenity then Lembongan Island in Bali is your destination. It should be on your Bali itinerary 2 weeks!

Adorned with magnificence and beautiful picturesque locations, this place  is away from all the hectic pace of Indonesia. Coarse white sandy lanes, crystal clear water and a cool breeze on the face – Nothing better than that!

One can surf, dive, snorkel or just have a blissful time with their better half – just like I did! There is no better word than “Sukoon” for this place. It is so peaceful and makes you wonder about God’s beautiful creations!

Gorgeous Lembongan Island views


If you want to make the most of your trip to this stunning island destination, read about things to do in Lembongan Island.


There is a wide array of accommodation options for visitors in Lembongan Island. The best ones are Villa Voyage, Lembongan Beach Club and Resort, The Ocean Sunset Villa, and Opera Villa.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in 14 days in Bali. We would love to go back for exploring Nusa Dua and Northern regions like Lovina and Pemutaran. Bali is massive!

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